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Goku, of Dragon Ball Z, dies of his own inherent indulgence  that has wiped out the whole of Africa, on his holiday with 2Pac.


Sovereign Treasures to Save a Wreck                                                           11/11/11

The directors of the publishing company, Squint Koros UK Ltd, met in the cloud lounge of Tiger Tiger, last Friday to drink zestful cocktails and decide strategies for their coming campaign.
   Aaron Pemberton, directed the meeting revealing plans to expose the sovereign foundation of the company which, archetype thinking, has revealed tremendous holy significance that can already be seen in the company’s achievements.
   The Global Restoration Link, last august, has found more attention after its proceedings, due to the value of its sovereign integrity. The directors have celebrated for this and their adoption as sovereign son’s.  Dan Akut said: “It’s good to be one who’s part of a brotherhood and it’s good to know we don’t have to follow commercialism.”  He was at the meeting in Tiger Tiger with the majority of the company’s directors. When asked, how he would best apply his sovereignty here? He answered, “In my actions.”
   The company’s sovereign practise is rooted in the preservation of human expression as a heritage that should not be misused. It has branched from Christianity. Mr Pemberton’s Mother who was ordained a Reverent has not acknowledged the development for its holiness.
   Mr Pemberton, said: “After my own conflicts I understand enough to practise what we do and influence change for the improvement of Humanity.” He is expected to appear on, Revelation TV, later this year.
   He has symbolised the companies sovereign heritage with it’s trade mark, DrealearthG. In Christian deliberation it symbolises that, the strong stand to help the weak. Ironically the practise of strong tribes such as the, Maori, also possess artefacts, where they believed they could secure super natural help. The restorative purpose of this company proves we are not seeing the development of a Pantheon. However, it should not be taken too lightly that this has been distinguished about a holy order the likes of which has not been seen before.

   A Canon at, St Martins Church, in Kingston remarked of the practise in holy order saying, “Jesus taught us to be kind, in the order you can never be too kind.” The service yesterday was lead  by Canon, Father Johnothan, his message was to, ‘love thy neighbour as thyself.’ Whether Squint Koros UK are kind or loving in practise has not been scrutinised.  It is clear his sovereignty is being fed to the world almost selflessly.  The later publishing of their documentaries, songs and other material come with this promise, through their company’s practise and the celebrity background that Mr Pemberton was contested about.   

Metro, By T. Bollte

Book author exposes unforeseen triumph of, Boney M, singer, Liz Micthell. 16/12/15

Aaron Pemberton, was extricating for the unforeseen launch of his auto-biography of, Liz Mitchell, of, Boney M, which she co-wrote.

Squint Koros UK Publishers, organised the prestigious event, occupying rooms in, Westminster Palace, where Lords, MPs, media magnates and journalists joined the artists who exhibited a plethora of talent, on Thursday 10th December 2015.

Dawn Butler, MP for Brent, said: “It’s fantastic to open doors of Westminster to one of our amazing musicians loved by, Brent and beyond the globe. Sometimes we celebrate people when they are no longer with us. I’m determined that we appreciate people like, Liz Mitchell, whenever we can.”

Liz Mitchell, is commended by her contemporaries in the music industry, for keeping a low profile. However, they meet her frequently when she performs live concerts at sell out events. Liz, recently headlined at the extravaganza, Retro FM Concert, in, Moscow, performing to tens of thousands of the Russian, Boney M, fans.

Where many media houses would be titillated by the revealed secrets of a cosmopolitan artist like, Liz Mitchell, in her new book, the event found her accomplishments monolithic enough to force many media forces into a period of recognisance, unsure how to report about its celebration. Squint Koros UK, have recently released information that prompted, Liz Micthell, to make features with other journalists for, London and Reading, papers. However, Liz’s, humble and affable nature has worked as an antithesis for exposing, Liz’s, activities with mainstream publishers.

Aaron Pemberton, co-author of, Liz’s, autobiography, said: “I had to see this to believe this. Speaking as a journalist, I feel reprehensible not being recognised here in the days of my succeeding as an author. I feel I’ve been holding myself from being thrown out the door because I’ve not been invited by the mainstream media.”

Aaron Pemberton, is the author of more than 19 published titles which are available to purchase on www.squintkoros.com . After graduating from, Brunel and Kingston University, he has also produced a music album, performing lead in a band called, The Supernova Heroes, which is expected to be released in the near future. He has also exhibited galleries and short films. When asked how he procures such a broad range of talents, he replied: “I’m a renascence character after my mother and father.”

Liz Mitchell, was pregnant with, Aaron Pemberton, at the height of her career, appearing on TV and Top of the Pops, with her son in her womb. She later had two more children with her husband who they named, Twan and Adero Pemberton. From, Liz, protecting her private home, the legacy she lives has been a public parley. However, Liz, has worked continually over the resigning of past decades.

Liz, said: “I realized our music was healing in, Poland and East Germany, in, 1974 when that region was the, USSR. (Liz, performed there on tour after staring in, Les Humphries Singers.) I observed that our presence then and later in, Boney M, significantly helped to bring down the Berlin Wall (+ other oppressive structures in Russia and the world). The music of, Boney M, moved through the, USSR, China, Africa, Lebanon, Middle East and even the Muslim community.”

The celebration event for, Liz Mitchell and her new book was commending for, Liz. A short documentary extracted quotes from the book, read by the author, Aaron Pemberton. Liz, receiving the Diamond music award earlier this year, was also played.  The programme of singers included, Liz’s nieces, with angelic voices, Tahera and Ishara Andrews. Should these events be portending at all it would be of a far less resigning future which all the industry could happily attend.   

By T. Bollte
‘Lovers Rock,’ on, Music Means Business, Seminar 03/11/15

Magnates of film, T.V. and music congregated to give presentations and help to an audience of new and recognised talent, for free, at the, Music means business seminar, hosted by, F.O.R.M..

Menelik Shabazz, director of the acclaimed, Lover’s Rock, spoke besides a venerated group of CEO’s, Musicians, Producers and organisation representatives at the, University of Westminster, on, Saturday 31st October.

Suba Subaja, an unsigned artist who attended the event, said: “I wasn’t sure what to expect but anything that is helping me to make my career is good and it’s free.”

F.O.R.M., (the federation of reggae music) was founded in 1995. Reggae Focus, is the flagship of, F.O.R.M., initiated to promote Reggae in the, UK, to its widest possible audience. The CEO of F.O.R.M. and one of the organisers of the event, Delroy Washington, was present and spoke to the audience with nonchalant flare. Mykaell Riley, another of the event’s organisers, musician and lecturer at the, University of Westminster, also hosted the event with conscientiousness, giving the audience his best attention.   
Subjects that were covered included intellectual property and royalties for artists. Organisations like, P.R.S. (Performing rights society) and A.I.M. (Association of independent music) were represented by leading figures from their companies. Business cards and future meetings were offered to the participating audience. The pathos for what was declared, ‘broke musicians,’ was washed with new enthusiasm from encouraged artists.

Wondering Dragon, an unsigned artist who was in the audience, said: “I got up at 5:30am to get here from Birmingham. I’m a poor man, an artists who needed to understand the industry more. Music is what I do. I was very impressed to be able to come to, London, to, Westminster University, for a seminar that was free.”

The event was amazingly concluded, after 8 hours of presentations and talks, by excellent performances from artists, Gail Storm Hastings, who performed her song, New World and Empress Ayeola, who performed, Reggae lock di world, from her, Straight to the point, album.     

By Aaron Pemberton

Festival, Leeds, to piss on, Reading.  03/09/15

Over 150,000 people stormed, Bramham Park, in, Leeds and Richfield Avenue, in, Reading, on the Bank Holiday weekend of the, 28th August 2015, where, in the bleak of rain music played on.

Headlining acts were, Metallica, The Libertines and Mumford & Sons, who judiciously received reverent praise from the crowds flooding the park on the 4 days of, Reading Festival.

One person at, Reading Festival, said: “There was a sense of community and the stalls gave good food. The bathrooms were bad though. On the whole, I think Reading did a good job.”

The residents of Reading town tolerated the tumult of the sounds breaking from the festival for miles into neighbouring villages, even the neighbouring county of Oxfordshire. Reading town makes the proxy gladiator for one of the biggest festivals in the UK calendar.   

Other artists included, Azealia Banks and Kendrick Lamar, represented, American Hip Hop and R&B.  The Japanese Teen trio, Baby Metal, were bedazzling with eye catching makeup and style. There were over 60 stupendous acts in the course of the weekend.

Once in the incendiary waves of excitement there were also a few surprises reported. Alex Colley, a teenage, The Libertines, fan at, Reading Festival, said: “In, The Libertines, set, someone peed on my friend’s leg.” His friend who was with, Mr Colley, said: “Someone smashed me in the face. I got a nose bleed.”

The riotous behaviour of people in the festival did not change the constantly elated ethos of the campers and visitors, who paid money to see their favourite artists and have a good time. One person, who attended, Reading Festival, for Friday, told me: “It was decent. Mumford & Sons, were awesome. It was good to see local bands like, Don Broco, who are really big now, playing at such an event in their home town.”  

Reading Festival, is certainly a unique experience that has left loved memories for the people who have attended. However for those fearing a cup filled with urine being thrown over them, perhaps the agoraphobia of the crowds of thousands might deter you.

Tickets to, Reading and Leeds Festival, 2016, will be available on, Tuesday 1st September 2015. For a limited time these tickets will only cost £205.00. Tickets are available at www.seetickets.com and www.ticketmaster.co.uk  .


Aaron Pemberton

Celebrating divas and dancers received, OBE Collection awards, from honoured, Norman Mitchell MBE  02/06/15
Norman Mitchell. MBE, Centre left
A plethora of talented artists and high society were imbued at the special service in, St Marks Church, in, Neasden, on, 25th May, Bank Holiday Monday.

Liz Mitchell
   Liz Mitchell, the lead sing of, Boney M, received a medal award from her father, the honoured Norman Mitchell. MBE, where, Mr. Mitchell. MBE, also awarded his other sons and daughters with prizes from his personal, OBE collection from the Queens awards.

   Mr. Mitchell. MBE, said: “I was expecting everyone and her worship the mayor of Brent. I just wanted to give this to my family from the personal collection I could claim from her majesty the Queen. It is for great achievement and I give my sons and daughters credit for being my children. It worked out to be an excellent day, better than I was expecting, better than normal.”

   Mr. Mitchell. MBE, also held the event to raise money, splitting all the profits and donations between his three chosen charities; Children with Leukemia, St Marks Church and WISCO.

   The afternoon was a showcase of sensational talent from members of, Mr. Mitchell’s, immediate family including his daughter, Jacinth Mhende, who sang a song from her EP, Hear from heaven. Mr Mitchell’s, granddaughters, Tahirah and Ishara Andrews, also gave ethereal vibes singing a duet together. Liz Mitchell, happily performed a song from her gospel album, inviting all her family to the stage. She and her siblings were unaware of the presentation of awards to them and were very astonished when, Aaron Pemberton, Mr. Mitchell’s grandson and Dawn Butler, Honourable MP handed out the medals to them.

   Liz Mitchell, lead singer of, Boney M, said: “It was exhilarating and unbelievable. To have a man of my father’s stature with the Mayor and MP, who have been supporting him for over 30 years be there to present this gift was wonderful.”

Jacinth Mhende
   The recipients of the awards on that day were: Liz Mitchell & Thomas Pemberton, Jacinth & Masimba Mhende, Joyce & Derick Andrews, James Mitchell and Lowess Mitchell.

By T. Bollte
New Butler Serves Sound Tonics - Pub Review 15/05/15

Striking changes have transformed what use to be the semblance of a clinic or dentists, which was actually the, Butler Pub and it is now a white retreat, The Butler, with a new courtyard. Under new management, Marisa Rodriguez, can be found there on, Thursday, evening. She hosts a friendly and buzzing open mic that bewildered me from the great line up of a range of talent. Its casual show of effervescent artists gently compelled me to perform. However, wearing my banausic glasses I would not go onto the stage. I did however enjoy a refreshing drink that was pleasantly served with a slice of lemon and ice.

   There is a lot of experienced management going into the venue as the new owners of, The Butler, were associated to, The Three Guineas. Reading, is an ideal location for the new, Butler, owners as they are already a well-known married couple in, Reading and they likewise know the area. For customers, it’s a stopping point for the bustling nights in, Reading, town centre. The Butler, is located near, Face Club and a few hundred meters from, The Penta Hotel and other clubs and restaurants. There are large and colourful brollies covering the courtyard, which is surrounded by new criss cross fences. Affectively, smoking outside doesn’t mean you have to get wet in the rain. There is limited parking at the front of the pub, however a large car park is across the road, just opposite of the pub.

   Walk inside and you immediately meet the dark wood bar counter and a barman or bar lady serving drinks. There is an intimate greeting as you are immediately sighted and welcomed. The pub serves drinks and snacks which you can keep at the bar or bring round to the living room area. Many refurbishment plans have been lined up for the pubs renovation, for it to become a new hot spot for people living around the Oxford Rd and Reading. Inside is a very soft ambience, agreeable to any hopeful individual like myself. I was pleasantly surprised by, Miss Rodriguez’s ability to enamour a small audience as well as any star. The other artists that she hosts for appear sober headed and ambitious, making it one of the liveliest open mics I’ve ever attended in Reading.

   There is a predominant sound that is being made from all of these points about, The Butler Pub. That is the sound of community. The genuine desire to bring people in to create music and better the opportunities for people is gushing from the walls of this pub. Miss Rodriguez, said: “It’s about friends, networking, I want it to be a music community.” The determination, Miss Rodriguez, has shown putting on the event has certainly helped her vision come to be seen. The Butler, is a destination I believe is being more and more pleasantly sighted.     
By Aaron Pemberton

Sony’s, Diamond surprise after, Liz Mitchell’s, willing consent.  31/03/2015

Liz Mitchell, the ordained lead singer of, Boney M, was enamoured on the, Carmen Nebel Show, when she was beguilingly given a surprise award for diamond record sales.
   On Saturday 28th March 2015, Liz, was in, Hannover, Germany, recording a live performance of the new single, Song of Joy, on the show, before receiving the surprise, Sony, award from her son’s, Aaron and Twan Pemberton.

   Liz, said: "It was unbelievable; I am puzzled that there are people out there who wanted to bring that kind of joy to me. It was really nice to see what, Hans Jorg-mayer, Christian Stronczek and the team from, Sony, had done."

   The almost reticent diva, Liz Mitchell, has achieved over 100 million album sales performing as the lead singer in, Boney M, thereby making her the recipient of the magnificent diamond award. The award was especially designed to possess the look and feel of the celebratory Box and DVD set, Boney M Diamonds, released on the 27th of March, the day before Liz, received the eye pleasing award.
   The programme, Carmen Nebel, was expected to be viewed by over 5 million people on Easter Thursday, 2nd April at 20:15 on channel ZDF. The programme catches the exceptionally emotional moment when, Liz’s, two sons appear on the other side of the stage and she begins to cry with elation.

   Christian Stronczek, who works for Sony and organised the campaign, said: “The surprise was important. We placed, Aaron and Twan, in different hotels to, Liz, so she would not see them.”
   Aaron and Twan, appeared smartly dressed , for the first time in front of, Liz, on the show, where, Carmen, asked them to lift the award for the audience to see.
   There is a second award which has been kept for, Frank Farian, However, Frank did not attend the show in, Hanover, to receive it.
    Liz, said: “I didn’t let it worry me that I didn’t see, Frank Farian. It was wonderful that the record company recognised the role I played in the music of, Boney M. I understand that, Frank, is receiving an award and I’m happy for that too.”  

   Boney M Diamonds, CD and DVD box set, has been eagerly awaited with inspirational support coming from, Liz’s, fans. Liz, has given a special thanks to, Casper Janssen, for his role in the proceeding of these events and wishes joy in, Song of Joy, to all her other fans as well.


By T.Bollte
A-Mazing Marathon, The Reading Half Marathon 2015 26/03/15

Over 15 thousand resilient runners turned up 250 meters from, Madejski Stadium, to run, 13.1 Miles, for the, Reading Half Marathon, on, Sunday the 22n of March

Amos Kiplagat, was winner of the men’s race completing it in 00:63:09, Lily Partridge, won the women’s title completing the track in 00:70:31, both times beating last year’s records.

Amos Kiplagat, said: The Vitality Reading Half Marathon, is a great event and with the new course, it really was a brilliant race! The flat course set us up for a comfortable run and the cheering both on the course and in the Stadium was fantastic. 

Roads were blocked off along the, A33 and around, Reading University, for the Marathon to take place using the new flatter and faster route.  The route prevented many journeys into and through, Reading and also halted many public buses that were expected to run normally that Sunday.

Ann Marie Stewart, a local resident in Reading, said: “I was frustrated because I wanted to go to church. There was no sign at the bust stop saying the bus isn’t running. We sat and waited. Then we just had to walk back home.”

Another resident in Reading who chose to remain anonymous, said: “I was driving to meet my girlfriend and take her out but I got trap between the road blocks and had to drive out of, Reading, then back in again. I didn’t know what was happening. It took me 3 hours to reach her through the queues.”

Five of the seven fastest female times in the UK were recorded at the, Madejski Stadium, on the day of the, Reading Half Marathon, proudly demonstrating just how fast the new course was. Although the course slowed everyone other than the athletes down, the day was indisputably a success having raised a record high sum of over 1.5 million pounds for charity with the Marathon fundraiser.

Nick Pearson, Race Director, said: “A huge congratulations to each and every runner that took part in the race this weekend. Every year we are bowled over by the hard work and dedication of the half marathon runners, be they first timers, charity fundraisers or seasoned elites. And to the spectators, thank you for coming out and making it such a special atmosphere.

Witnessing a sea of colour weave through Green Park and head into the streets of, Reading, was an extremely proud moment and I would personally like to thank our team of events staff, marshals and volunteers that make this event possible. I also want to thank our sponsors and partner charities for their continued support.”

The event took place with very few disruptions and the day was enjoyed by everyone who spectated. The participants did wonderfully achieving personal bests and breaking new records, attracting more and more people to this growing, spectacular event next year.


By Aaron Pemberton

Boney M’s, Song of Joy, comes to, Abbey Road Studio 17/02/15

The pious sensation, Reverend Liz Mitchell, lead singer of, Boney M, filled the famous, Abbey Road Studios, with her piano voice, recording a new, Boney M, song called, Song of Joy.

    The new song is amorous with joyful spirit, lamenting God and is being recorded to appear on the 40th anniversary, Boney M, box set, Boney M Diamonds, which will be released in March.

   Liz, said: “I agreed to do the track with the understanding that it was going to clean my name and the name of, Boney M, through people recognising that I genuinely was singing on the, Boney M, tracks, as I always have been, in, Boney M.”

    The song is being produced by, Frank Farian, the creator of, Boney M and it was written by, Mary Applegate, who wrote the tremendous ballad, Power of love, which has been sung by, Jennifer Rush and Celine Dion.      

   Liz, was working in a private studio within the walls bedecked by memorabilia of previous artists that were there. Liz’s, engineer was, Bernd Berwanger, who also worked on the, Boney M, Eye Dance album and has been in the studio for Meat Loaf and La Bouche. Liz’s son, Twan Pemberton, was also engineering on the track.

    There was also the surreptitious entry of a film crew that was getting footage of, Liz, recording the song for a 95 minute documentary on 40 years of, Boney M. The programme will be played first on VOX TV, on, Easter Friday at 18:00.
    Liz, might also be performing the new song on a live TV show, Carem Nebel, at a near date to the VOX TV programme that was being filmed.
    Liz, said: “The lyrics of the song are inspiring and it could be good for the ears and hearts of people today. People should find they can reflect on the goodness in themselves when they hear it.”
    Liz, impressed everyone in the studio, working in a limited time that left hardly any room for error. Liz, worked with amazing prosody skills and boasted a natural ability to pitch with very little preparation. It was a day that left us in awe of her as she showed reverence to God in her blessing and through her passion singing the song.     

By T.Bollte

Sister Rudo, Mystically makes Hit Single 02/01/15

Little Guerrier and Sister Rudo, performed their spiritually uplifting new single, Live together, at, The Kreyol Fiesta, in, Paris, on the 20th December last year.
   The elliptical song, speaking about the end of the world and, ‘Ja,’ the Rastafarian word for god, has already received 2 unexpected, Lindor awards, in, French Gayane.
   Sister Rudo, said: “I have strong emotions after its success because this song is very mystical. All of a sudden things are just appearing. We won, best singer of the year and best duo of the year at the, Lindor Awards, in, French Gayane. I was very glad. After 20 years something is coming out. I give thanks to, Ja.”
   Sister Rudo, arrived to West Indian decorum when she visited her sister in Law, Liz Mitchell’s, house in, Engalnd, before returning to, French Gayane. The Jamaican star, Liz Mitchelle, the lead singer of, Boney M, was celebrative of, Sister Rudo’s, success. The reunited sisters found tears for the emotions that surfaced after years of being apart. Sister Rudo, was most touched by being reunited with her daughter, who has been working with, Liz Mitchell.
   She had time for me to conduct this interview where she explained how she came about making the song.
   Sister Rudo, said: “Arriving at the hit single was mystical. The keyboard player did the rhythm and the words came into my head. I thought about doing a duet. I approached, Little Guerrier and he heard the song and wrote his music for the track. The song stayed in the studio for 4 years because we had no money to bring it out. After that time had passed I met, Guerrier, in the street in, French Gayane. Guerrier, had it remixed and it became a hit.”
   Sister Rudo, has been working in the music industry since the 70’s. One of her earlier hits was, ‘On ne peut pas,’ when she was, Nikko. The ethos of spirituality has been consistent in her music throughout her career.
   Sister Rudo, said: “Rastafarian is a spiritual way of thinking. Ja, is love and god. I reflect in the music.”   
   The song, Live together, is available on itunes and Amazon. It is truly evoking of harmony and reconciling with, I&I, our connection to each other. Little Guerrier and Sister Rudo, are transparent feeding love to a scarred world.

By Aaron Pemberton

Liz Mitchell, of, Boney M, is, Ma Baker, for, Children in Need 14/11/14

Liz Mitchell of, Boney M, delighted, Children in need, like, Ma Baker, having prepared a wonderfully decorated cake with, Sir Mike Read, from BBC Radio Berkshire, to raise money for the charity.

   Raising more than £1100.00, the cake sale organised by, BBC radio Berkshire, in the, Oracle shopping centre, Reading, has made a sweet suggestion for the Tuesday morning shoppers.

   Liz, said: “The radio called and proposed the idea. I was excited.”

   Liz, was joined in the, Oracle shopping centre, by other celebrities including, Ady Williams, Former Whales international footballer.

   Liz’s cake for, Children in need, was placed on a stall next to masterpieces created by other celebrity bakers and chefs from, The Brassiere and Crooked Billet, in, Reading.

  Ady Williams, said: It’s really nice of everyone, even the general public that are buying the cakes for, Children in need. It’s such a worthy cause, its nice people are getting involved.  

   Liz, Baked her cake on the previous night at, Sir Mike Read’s, house with her sister, Joyce Andrews. They had spent over 6 hours baking and decorating.

   Sir Mike Read, said: “We’ve always worked for children in need. I called, Liz, now I feel we’ve made a cake in the premiership of cakes.”

   It might have been 30 years ago since, Ma Baker, was no 1 in the charts but Liz, can certainly feel she lives up to her name today.


By Aaron Pemberton


The Savoy, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, review with, Boney M. 04/11/14

The power of galvanising accents of art, food and scenic landscapes can reenergise and entertain you at, The Savoy, in, Sharm el Sheikh.

   Meet the secrets of, Egypt and let your family find the adventure of their dreams, where stars like, Liz Mitchell, the original lead singer of, Boney M, have performed in concert celebrating the festival of love in, Soho Square.

   Liz, said: “The variety of the whole resort is wonderful. It’s a world. The hotel has a feeling of being a small city. Everything is there, you don’t have to go anywhere else.”

   Liz, has given awesome shows here, performing the hit songs like, Sunny, Daddy Cool, Rasputin and By the rivers of Babylon. The Savoy’s, fusion of bridges reach guests from everywhere in the world, supporting an undisturbed ethos protecting, The Prince of Peace. Liz, looks forward to going back to perform there every time.

   Liz, said: “I like my privacy is respected. It’s not everywhere I go in the world that I use the facilities. I guess it has to do with the staff.”

   You can revitalise in the 5 star wellness centre or experience extreme activities. Quad biking, diving and a desert safari are just a few of the fun things to do.

   Adero Pemberton, Liz’s, daughter and backing singer in, Boney M, said: “I went on the banana boat. It was brilliant, really good fun.”

   Jacinth Mhende, Liz’s, sister and backing singer in, Boney M, said: “I went snorkelling. It was like a cave of light. It was clear and there were little fish. The Coral Reef was amazing. I’d definitely go again.”
   The Savoy, are waiting to welcome you to a land of wonders. It is a monumental resort in, Egypt, with an endless list of restaurants and activities plus the escape to quiet time before the view over the red sea.   

By Aaron Pemberton

A Sailing Start is, Alicante, for, Volvo Ocean Race 2014   07/09/14

Alicante, is a lucent paradise, before, the intemperate swells of nature to be endured for the, Volvo Ocean Race 2014, starting on Saturday 11th October.

   7 teams are racing, competing in one of the world’s most extreme sports, sailing for 9 months to 11 destinations, which include crossing the perilous waters of the, Pacific Ocean.

   Mike Joubert, who raced in, 1 Whitbread Round the World Race and 2 Volvo Ocean Races, said: “It was mind blowingly long. It was everything I expected and more.”

   The reverence which sailors pay to the water is completely respected by these competitors. In 40 years, 5 competitors have lost their lives taking part in the event, whilst racing through some of nature’s most unrestrained and volatile natural spells.

   The teams spend near to a month sailing in each leg of the race. In regions, such as the passage from, Auckland to Itajai, in the, Pacific, the crews will make 6776 nm. The conditions can beat down waves 30 meters high of ice cold waters reaching temperatures as low as 2 degrees Celsius.

   Tracy Edwards, skipper of the all-girls team in 1977, said: “There was a time when the ocean was thriving. It’s less so now.”

   The racing yachts environmental friendly designs go so far as to have included water purifying technology to make drinking water from the sea water. This prevents pollution from plastics and chemicals.

   Pollution and over fishing has radically reduced the ocean’s numbers in sea life. It has been reported visibly noticeable, the number of wild life decreased since when, Tracy Edwards, raced in 1977.

   Tracy Edwards, said: “It was a different person that did the, Whitbread Round the World Race. Now, I’d say, they were athletes that are doing the, Ocean Volvo Race.”

   The Whitbread Round the World Race, ran up until 1998, taking place every 3 years. In 2001 it became the, Volvo Ocean Race. The evolution of its name, given to it by its new owners, was met with technological evolutions as well.

   From the race control centre in, Alicante, it will be possible to receive images and video from the vessels in the race, during their voyage. This is possible by media recording equipment built on the ships and an on board journalist, who is part of the crew. The crews have 9 – 11 people.

   This year’s eagerly anticipated race includes the participating teams: Vestas from Denmark, Brunel from Holland, SCA (First all-female team in 12 years) from Sweden, Mapfre from Spain, Alvimedica (Partnership between America and Turkey,) Abu Dhabi from Abu Dhabi and Dong Feng from China.

   Whereas, in 1973, this race was a glamorous event, participated by billionaires in privately built yachts. It has become hugely more popular. On the marina of, Alicante, today, thousands of people, from the heterogeneous population of a city and the world, have all come to witness the start of this mortifyingly challenging event.

By Aaron Pemberton 

Reading Festival swarms on Bank Holiday 26/08/14

   Reading Festival, was swarming with music lovers in hives off of the, Thames Path, camping on the parks in, Reading, town from, Friday 22nd August, until, Sunday 25th August.

   Amazing artists, including, The Arctic Monkeys, were headlining on the main stages, where over a hundred artists were performing to millions of people, who paid up to £200 for a weekend ticket.

   Austen Lay, a spectator, said: “It’s alright, I can never make it back to my tent. I’d rather sleep on the floor than wonder around for 2 and half hours looking for it.

               I’m waiting for, Blink 182, to play. It’s alright so far. I haven’t decided whether it’s good or not.”

   Blink 182, were headlining on the main stage on, Sunday.  They performed well reviewed shows in previous years, having made their debut appearance at the festival in, 1999. They returned in, 2010 and have played for the excitement of anticipating fans at this year’s festival.

   The Arctic Monkeys, were also a headlining band at the festival in, 2014. Their performance was a highlight over the weekend after they achieved success at the Brit and NME awards earlier this year.

   Jack Cowley, a spectator, said: “I’m looking forward to the whole event. It’s a good dance atmosphere but if you’re not in a reserved area its hard finding a space.”

   The festival also kept a, BBC introducing stage, where  popular artists that were not yet globally established could perform. Among artists playing this year were, Jake Bugg, Clock Opera and Spector.

   The festival was smoothly managed with friendly staff assisted by the odd concerned police officer passing on a bike as you boggy down. It was a fulfilling weekend where even the weather kept the rain to itself and poured out a little sunshine.


By Aaron Pemberton


Cedrina, is a winner on White Nights of Russia. 08/14

   The gripping, White Nights, international music festival of, St Petersburg, Russia, on the 10th -12th July, 2014, revealed a line-up of talented competing artists including, Cedrina Baugh.

   Miss Baugh, who has worked with, Liz Mitchell, the lead singer of, Boney M, won second place in the completion, sharing a stage with famous artists like, Acorn and The Village People.

   Miss Baugh, said: “It was a surreal experience, everyone was trying to figure out where these girls came from.”

   Miss Baugh, and her friend, London, performed two original songs besides selected cover songs.

   Miss Baugh, said: “It was the first time we were performing our original music for it to be on a massive stage and the audience was awesome. They preferred our song, Glad you came, more than our song, Take you home.”

   Miss Baugh, heard about the competition when she was touring with, Liz Mitchell, in, Boney M, from one of, Liz’s, agents.

   Miss Baugh, said: “Annar, (agent) brought it up. He told me there was a competition. I thought it would be nice. I didn’t feel excited about it until I got there.”

   The competition was filmed and broadcasted live onto network stations. Miss Baugh, is now planning to release an EP and is securing dates for a tour of the USA. 


By Aaron Pemberton


The Emerald Lady performs for, Guilfest of OZ 07/14

   The opulent, Liz Mitchell, original lead singer of, Boney M, entertained headlining at, Guilfest 2014, in shimmering emerald attire.

   Liz, played with her amazing live band to 45,000 people who were aflutter watching on the closing night of the family festival, Sunday 20th July.

   Ade Goldsmith, Guilfest P.R., said: “Boney M, were fantastic. We’ve had nothing but good reports. Liz, is a really lovely person.”

   The emerald lady, Liz, was competing with other stages for spectators and won a packed crowd of hyperactive people. On the other stages bands like, The Human League and The Gallows, were playing. The festival also sold food and clothes from stalls to ticket holders. Fair ground rides were also constructed for children.

   There were around 100 acts performing at the festival on, Sunday, alone. The festival had eight stages for the music artists. Guilfest, organised the event to display new artists and world famous artists, like, Boney M and The Human League.

   Liz, said: “The whole thing was pretty good. It was about music and I was able to perform and be a part of that celebration of music.”

   The band, Dreadzone, also played well lifting the energies of the crowd to excitement before, Liz, performed with her live band. She included a live performance from her son, Aaron Pemberton, in her show.

   Liz said: “All of the artists on that day were very good.”       

   The Guilfest Music Festival, had vanished last year after the company went into liquidation in 2012. It was the mission of the people to find the emerald lady, Liz and convince the Guilfest of OZ not to disappear again. It was a magical family event that I imagine was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.



MBE at 93 parties later than, Slim Shady 14/07/14

Norman Mitchell MBE, was joined at a joyous fund raiser for his organisation, WISCO, by popular artists including his daughter, Liz Mitchell, the lead singer of the smash hit group, Boney M.

Over 200 guests joined, Mr. Mitchell MBE, the oldest individual awarded an MBE at 93, in, The Holiday Inn Hotel, in, Wembley on Friday 11th of July, for a night of sophistication that regaled everyone present.

Mr. Mitchell MBE, said: “It was a good crowd, everyone was so impressed and told me ‘Oh, Mr. Mitchell, what a family you have. People came from all over.”

One of, Mr. Mitchell’s, guests was a stranger who saw his event on Facebook from, America, Washington and flew to, England for the event. She and other guests including the, Mayor of Brent, Kana Naheerathan, MBE winners, Elceena Jeffers and Dr Natalie Grace Wilcox, also attended.

The Mayor, wore his gold livery collar and the MBE winners wore beautiful bright outfits complimenting their complexions. All the guests were dressed in gowns and tuxedoes, making it a very majestic affair.

They were kept by hours of entertainment that included artists like, Sylvia Tella, Jacinth Mhende and Aaron & Adero Pemberton. Tahirah Andrews, gave an amazing performance promising more from her young singing career as a gospel singer. Liz Mitchell and her band also played amazingly. The night’s entertainment was unforgettably ended by, Mr Mitchell’s, recitation of, the books of the bible, song. It took over 4 minutes for him to complete it without stalling.

Mr Mitchell, said: “I just heard somebody sing it and I picked it up and kept singing it since 1947.”

The event raised money for, Mr. Mitchell’s, organisation, WISCO, (West Indian Senior Citizen Organisation,) which was hugely appreciated by, Liz Mitchell, who organised the raffle and played a leading role in organising the event. Mr. Mitchell, was also grateful. The event was broken into three parts, the welcoming, the dinner and the entertainment. In the cost for the event, The Holiday Inn, provided the venue and a three course meal. A surprisingly high number of young adults was attributed to, Mr. Mitchell’s, grandchildren, who also attended. This gave the night a very exciting and energetic course.

Dr. Natalie Grace Wilcox MBE, said: “It was a good event, people in the community doing good work need to be recognised. It brings us together and brings hope for tomorrow.”

Mr. Mitchell, certainly did look like a shining example when he humbly walked out of his party, at 2 am, maintaining a self-discipline that we now recognise, at the same time as a magisterial crowd of, Eminem, fans gathered in the lobby after an, Eminem, concert that same evening. As he walked through the wayward crowd to make his way home one could easily see solidarity in his spirit that was irrefutable. At 93 the impression, Mr. Mitchell MBE, has made proves him to be an excellent role model for our communities.        

By Aaron Pemberton      

Teen Evangelist, Ishara Andrews, famed for, drumming it in.  04/05/14

Ishara Andrews, became the brightest star for many residents of, Reading, after she went through to the finals of, Britain’s young drummer of the year competition, in, Leamington Spa, on the 2nd February 2014.

     The, 16, year old girl is a student at, Blessed Hugh Faringdon school, where she is studying with over 860 pupils and has won positions of distinction for her drama and music accomplishments, which have left members of staff overtly impressed.

     Ishara, has been playing the drums for 4 years, she also plays the keyboards. Her talent has caught the attention of everyone who has heard her playing, including, Mike Dolbear, the organiser of, Britain’s young drummer of the year, competition. Her perseverance as a person has grown her skills that she has honed to compete with the best in country. Ishara, was the only girl competing at the, 2014, young drummer of the year, competition.

     She had to be shortlisted from over 400 entrants in the UK. She then competed against 40 of the best from those entrants. On the, 2nd February 2014, she was competing in the finals against 9 other contestants, all of whom were boys. The outstanding courage that she found to perform in front of a live audience whilst competing against 9 individuals bigger and stronger than herself, has won her the respect of a true champion.

     Her achievements are a compliment to, Blessed Hugh Faringdon School and her family, who have watched her progress like the steady rise of a tide ready to sweep the land. Her school, is a catholic school, upholding values and codes to plant the seed of godliness into all of their pupils. Her family have raised her to embody piety against fractious groups that our society too easily spawns.

     Ishara, said: “My drama teacher, he knows what he’s talking about. He gives you that push. My parents tell me to go out and do your best in everything, I get an extra push from them.”

     Ishara’s drama teacher, Mr Whearity, has provided her with a place, at the school, to practise one of the arts she is most interested in. The facilities at the school boasted a large hall with a built stage where there theatrical performances took place. I attended one of the performances at the school where, Ishara, performed, to witness her genuine stage presence which almost fed the audience the character she was playing, as if she had prepared it like a dish.

     Mr Whearity, said: “She is a worldly student, older than she is with her ideas. She is motherly and looks after students, she is very clear with other people to support them. I think that comes through in her faith. She gets the empathy and charisma; she has fantastic wit, sense of humour and possesses an ability to make people feel at ease.”

     Her acting ability proved excellent and Ishara’s, group was selected from around a dozen groups at the school to perform in a drama competition at, Reading University. Her group finished 2nd out of eight other schools.

     Ishara, said: “I just finished my, Btec Drama. It’s now a choice for one of my A levels. I’ll see where it goes from there.

                I don’t get the same drive as I do from music. I’m best at the drums. It’s my main instrument.”

     The head of, Ishara’s, music department, Mr Paul Windibank, boasted, Ishara’s, amazing vocals which rang out like a smooth wind instrument, on a digital player which they provide for the students to record and play onto. In, Mr Windibank’s, faculty there were an array of instruments that were provided for the students to practise and learn with. The department had several rehearsal rooms and a main music room. In this environment and that of her home, Ishara, has grown to be one of the best drummers in, England.

     Mr Windibank, said: “I’ve known, Ishara, 5 years, she has massive potential. The music brings everyone together. Ishara, plays a key role but she likes to hide away and do things behind the scenes. She’s maturing as a performer but needs to grow out of nervousness. If she stays in the school people will find an environment to continue to grow. She’s gobsmackinly good.”

     Ishara, is not an outcast from her accomplishments, however, there is a clear distinction that is now observable regarding her ability as a student. She is not only a forerunner in her chosen subjects at the school but she is a contender in the country for being one of the best musicians in her age group. Amidst all the confirmation that she does have a drive to succeed, perhaps it is for society to recognise where she already has achieved. Her popularity is very much understated and currently, Ishara’s, difference may not be credited to her abilities as much as they are to her skin colour.

     Both, Ishara’s, parents are, English of West Indian decedents. Ishara, is still living with her mother, father and grandmother in, Emmer Green, Reading. Her main influences in music are, Gospel & R&B artists. Her own productions are completely original, as required by her syllabus. She has written them in her own time with only the extra facility of her father’s studio in the garage at their home. Her family are happily overseeing, Ishara’s, intrepid progress to becoming an artists of amazing talent in the real world.

     Mrs Lowess Mitchell, Ishara’s, grandmother, said: “She’s very willing and spiritual, sometimes she doesn’t say a lot, she’s deep. When you ask her to do something she does it well, people talk good about her, she’s only 17.”

     Another of, Ishara’s, huge influences has been her aunt, Liz Micthell, the lead singer of, Boney M. Liz Mitchell, was made a Reverend in, 2006 and keeps a praise and worship evening at the, New Testament Church of God, where, Ishara, participates. Liz Mitchell, is still working as, Boney M and has been a positive role model for, Ishara.

     Ishara, is very active in her faith where she is leading the services at her church, The New Testemant Church of God.

    Mrs Lowess Micthell, said: “She preached one Sunday and it was so good a lady bought her a beautiful present. She made an alter call when she preached and people felt good by her.”

     In the quiet parts of Berkshire it’s easy to miss the appearance of what’s sprouting after the seeds we plant. Where there is so much already keeping our attention, Ishara Andrews, is, drumming in, we have more to see.

     Ishara said: “I’m really excited, there might be setbacks but it’s starting off really well. I’d like to be performing for my family and the people who say you can’t do this and you can’t do that, to show them whatever opinions they have they’re wrong.”

By Aaron Pemberton       


Mayor of Brent unveils, Boney M’s, Liz Mitchell Plaque 12/04/02

The Mayor of Brent, Cllr Bobby Thomas, accompanied Liz Mitchell, the lead singer of the record breaking disco band, Boney M, at Wrottesley Rd, on, Thursday 10th of April.

   The property of, Norman Mitchell, Liz’s, father and  MBE winner, received an historic distinction that was unveiled for the first time that afternoon, commemorating the lives of the MBE winner and the Mega star.

   Liz said: “I’m happy I can say thank you to Brent for recognising I grew up here. I’m glad we’re being recognised as, British Jamaicans. Many people thought we were foreigners.

               I’m grateful that God allowed the world to like what I did.”

   This is the third plaque to be awarded to residence of reggae artists. The first plaque was awarded to the home of, Denis Brown, on, Hazel Dean Rd, in 2012. A second plaque was awarded to, Bob Marley and the whaler’s, residence in, Neasden. The plaques are provided by an organisation called, FORM (Federation of Reggae Music,) run by its founder, Delroy Washington, since its beginning in 1995.

  Mr Washington, said: “It’s a really great day. People can make more of the historical site, locally. People come from all over the world to see the plaques. People like, Norman and Liz Mitchell, should have been recognised a long time ago.”

   Earlier in February, Norman Mitchell, was awarded his, MBE, for outstanding contributions to his community. The work of raising his 6 children, 3 of which were born in the, UK, has also been performed for us to admire. Liz, moved to take her chances in life with the certainty of knowing a man like her father, Norman Mitchell, was alive.  She conquered the doubts about becoming an artist with the efficacious guard of that shadow of certainty.

   The plaque is an immemorial token of the inspiring lives both of these people have lived.

   Mr Mitchell, said: “I’m proud to stand up and know many of these young people were born while I was living here. Some of them have asked me to be their father. It’s good to live a life that somebody feels they should be a part of.”
By T. Bollte
MBE Winner is, Daddy Cool, for singer, Liz, of Boney M  02/14

The patriarch, Norman Watson Mitchell, was awarded the, MBE, from, Prince Charles, in February 2014, for his outstanding contribution to his community.

   Mr Mitchell, is, Jamaican, by birth but became a, British, subject when he moved to, 8 Wrottesley Road, London, in 1955, where, after already having 3 kids with his wife, Lowis Mitchell, he had another 3 children, including, Liz Mitchell, who became the lead singer of, Boney M.

   Mr Mitchell said: “I wasn’t thinking about awards when I arrived in, England. I’m a new man after receiving the, MBE, I’m very proud.”

   Mr Mitchell, procured work on arriving in the UK. He earned to support his family working in a dynamic range of positions. He practised in demolition, construction and transport. In 1960, he was working for, St Johns Ambulance brigade, where his affable character made him a valued carer. He later worked with a company called, Crossroads Care, where one patient, who he cared for 11 years, told him:

   “Mr Mitchell, you should get an award for the work you’ve done.”

   Liz Mitchell, his eldest child, who later married to be, Elizabeth Pemberton, moved to Germany at the young age of 17. It was only two years that passed and Liz became famous all over the world in the hit disco band, Boney M. Liz recorded over seven albums spanning the seventies and eighties. She received gold and platinum albums for her record sales.

   Liz said: “Receiving any award is a signature of achievement for focus on what you see is good, as it was for my father when he received his, MBE, from the Queen. The awards are not comparable but speak the same thing.”

   Mr Mitchell and his daughter, Liz, are both as actively involved in improving their communities as they were in 1980. Mr Mitchell’s, inspirations live at his club, where, they provide services like, massaging for the elderly members. Liz Mitchell, has founded a charity called, Let it be. Their distinguished characters and life stories make them history.

By T. Bollte
Together in harmony, with, Boney M, commemorate, Lee Rigby.  17/02/14

Together in Harmony, released their single, Miss you machine, to aid, Lee Rigby’s family, attracting thousands at, Trafalgar Square, on Saturday, 15 February.

   Liz Mitchell, Boney M, was headlining the variety of, ‘Sunny,’ performances on a wet day, performing the hit song in commemoration of, Lee Rigby’s, death.

   Liz said: “I want to do whatever I can to help. I have my own charity and I love children. I was goanna be home for a change so I said, ‘Why not.’”

   Liz, performed a reviving set of hits by the legendry group, Boney M, where fans fluttered over recognising her cheery voice. She brought in a huge crowd that danced and sang the words to the song in the wind and rain.

   The show was an amazing display of young talent with all the members of, Together in harmony, being children and young adults. The show boasted abilities of artist like, Dretonio, with zest and marketable skill. It was encouraging to get a live and interactive show from such young and rising stars.

   Gary Gardner, the organiser, said: “Even though we had to get the arm bands out every so often, the turn out was so great, there was always an engaging, supporting crowd, which always helped team, Together in harmony.”

   Later in the afternoon, Together in harmony, performed, Miss you machine, celebrating the release of the single. It was the climax of the events leading up to it and was presented by, Laura Dilworth, MC, with enthusiasm that electrified the crowd with excitement.

   Performing on stage in, Together in harmony, was a girl called liberty, whose uncle served in the same battalion as, Lee Rigby. Liberty’s uncle was one of the men who carried, Lee Rigby’s, coffin at the memorial.

   The performance was heart touching, relating to the murder of, Lee Rigby, with compassion and sincere remorse over his death. Aaron Pemberton, Liz Mitchell’s son, recited a prayer he had written after the release of the news of, Lee Rigby’s, death to the public.

   Aaron Pemberton said: “I’m glad I could be of some help, that’s why I wrote the prayer after the news of, Lee Rigby’s, death was aired. I did it to help.”

Mr Pemberton, works under a sovereign title and has written prayers that can be viewed on, www.teningtonbollte.com. The song, Miss you machine, is available to purchase now on itunes. Together in harmony’s, next performance will be at Tower Bridge, in London.

By T. Bollte, Metro

Chronicles of Stardom – Ja Rule, is what?

Riddle Buck: Welcome, it’s not a crime to be entertained or to entertain. How many of us have found the time we are damp, bored stiff, getting our heads a little low. In so many affable ways the taste of good entertainment can be as deep as the kiss from a blooming wonderer, who finds you like the disturbed thought and reaches out to hold you. How should I, Riddle Buck, know what a wonderer wonders? Lets just say I hold a few thoughts of my own. One thought I’m holding right now is secret. There is only one person who knows it, other than me. That’s, Ja Rule. He knows because on a dark night in a dark club, I was sitting drinking a dark drink and this dark man walked in. He walked into the VIP room and pulled out a gun. ‘Freeze!’ He shouted and Grabbed, Ja Rule. The gun was pointed at, Ja Rule’s, head and that’s when it started, the secret thought.

Ja Rule: Blood, what is your beef? I ain’t tryin to start no fightin up in here. I swear to god someone gonna bust a cap in your head if you don’t break off fool.

Gun Man: I know you thug, you took my bitch.

Ja Rule: I aint took none, man

Gun Man: My bitch was a jail bird

Ja Rule: Then you best get your ass back up in jail and leave me the Cristal

Gun Man: I know my Bitch is here

Ja Rule: Shit nigga, this ain’t no ho hut. This here be the VIP room of One Club. I done finished my time in that bitches jail cell. What are you thinking man?

Gun Man: What are you thinking?

Ja Rule: I aint thinking nothing!

Gun man: I aint thinking nothing

Ja Rule: I aint thinking nothing fool!

Gun Man: You thinking about ma bitch!

Ja Rule: I aint, I aint, don’t you pull that trigger, ask some other nigger what they thinking!

Riddle Buck: That was when the gunman pointed his big black gun at me and screamed,

Gun Man: What you thinking bitch?

Riddle Buck: Jesus!
Gun Man: You wanna pray? You wanna love me. Does my gun turn you on?

Riddle buck: Will you kill? (I asked acutely)

Gun Man: You in hell people!

Ja Rule: I am, Ja Rule, you think you can come up in here and kill me.

Gun Man: You a dead me for stealin ma bitch.

Ja Rule: You is right, bitch got stolen and I done saved a hit you’re gonna like.

Gun Man: You think Im goanna hit you up, you think Im gonna love you like, Jesus?

Ja Rule: Your honey was ho, why not, you must have let that love the whole jail like, Jesus.

Gun Man: (Crying) My baby was frisky but you ain’t got to steal her from me.

Ja Rule: Your baby aint gone

Gun Man: Where is she, what you think bitch? (Pointing at Riddle Buck) What you think, Bitch!?

Riddle Buck: I think he can, he can love you.

Gun man: Parker are you callin me a puff?

Riddle Buck: He’s your man, Oh God, he’s good (That was when, Ja Rule, shared my though and said)

Ja Rule: I love that man too, it’s a bitch.

Gun Man: Is that my baby? You been on staroids, baby? Well come here. Why you been hidin like some drunk hommy? (Walking towards some guy)

Some Guy: I’m afraid, you idiot.

Gun Man: Come let me see you baby, come forward bitch!

Ja Rule: I’m thinking about Jesus, fool.

Riddle Buck: Ja Rule, Take him out, (I shouted and Ja Rule, dived tackling him to the ground. The gun flew in my direction, I picked it up.)

Some Guy: (Jumping excitedly like a girl) Ja Rule, I thought I was your baby?

Ja Rule: You aint shit bitch

Riddle Buck: And so I found that in secret I entertained the same thought as the magnificent, Ja Rule. Its funny how we entertain what entertains us. There was one more outburst that evening when, Aisha Atkin, walked into the room and slapped, Ja Rule, round the face for getting caught up over a thug criminal. If she had talked to me Id have said: ‘The entertaining nod is on the little log when you ain’t entertaining a lie.’
            Now you know how the entertainment playing, Riddle Bucks, mind made, Ja Rule, what he was one dark night, in a dark club grimaced from a dark stranger. While I was having a dark drink. I can only conclude from this chronicle of stardom that Ja Rule, is real. 

By Aaron Pemberton
Squint Koros had to T&E ADapt  22/12/13

Mr Aaron Pemberton, along with directors from the company, Squint Koros UK, are planning to work from a large size, 40 foot Trawler Yacht named,T&E ADapt. 
   Mr Pemberton, acquired the vessel on the,17th of December, deciding on the name in, Marina Alicante, Spain, where his knowledge on boats were tested for making the decision to purchase the yacht.
   Mr Pemberton, said: "I sometimes worry it will be expensive but I was more worried about that living in a house. I have qualifications for sailing and cruising and my knowledge of boats means I can keep a vessel like this on the water. It's just a little private space giving us big public reach. We can start talking to the people instead of over the people."
   Squint Koros UK, directors have produced editions of books, along with other material to be released by 2015. All of the directors had to look with sagacity up until the arrival of their new office, T&E Adapt, in order to keep prospects of contending with other leading establishments in the industry.
     The ostracised struggle of the company claiming resources it was creditable for, created an awareness of the tension about feeding something of sovereign origin by birthright, which,Squint Koros UK, stand with. Mr Pemberton's, mother, Elizabeth Pemberton, is the world famous lead singer of the record breaking group, Boney M. His work has proved a direct lineage is connecting him to an unseen order that must be of uncontested integrity.
     Despite the adversaries, Mr Pemberton, has worked against, he has achieved 2 degrees, an RYA day skipper licence for operating the yacht and other qualifications he uses to keep his practise of writer, performer and therapist.
     Mr Pemberton said : "I named the boat, T&E ADapt, because it has my father and mother's initials followed by my initials, Aaron Dia, making the words, adapt and apt, depending on how you see it. It reminds me of the work my family and the directors in the company have had to do and may have to keep on doing until we receive credit that is due to us. It also reminds me that we are apt, enough, even when the world tries to tell us we're not."
    Mr Pemberton, has already started working from, T&E ADapt but has given no indication of when or if he will be mooring the yacht in the, UK. Either way we can look forward to the journey these men and women are embarking on.
By T. Bollte
Review of, Live Again, by, Derek Chai 19/12/13

   An album that challenges xenophobia with sounds of the world, by Derek Chai, the base guitarist for Boney M, was released this year.

   Live Again, is the album, Mr Chai, has written and produced himself collaborating with his daughters who sang on the tracks along-side other famous musicians like, Kim Murrey and Winston Delando, who had also worked with, Boney M and is currently working with, UB40.

   Mr Chai, told me: “I had a friend in TV and we thought about doing a Jazz album that was commercial and not up its own ass. We produced it as a library album but pushed the finished product as a normal album.”

   The mixture of sounds work like a rehearsed café lounge, busy with people from different places, talking. The instruments complement each other in variation of parts and uplifting voices.  Mr Chai, revealed to me that he had worked with his daughter, Jodie, who is singing on the title track, Live Again.

   This was the first time, Mr Chai, had worked with, Jodie, on an album.

Mr Chai said: “Just imagine you’re like a swing singer, we made it very quick and very organic.”

Mr Chai’s, daughters, Kira and Darcey Do, are also singing on the album.   

   Live Again, is being aired on radio stations in Europe and London. The channel, Acid Jazz, loved, Live Again and discussed it for a compilation album called, Mojo 2.

   Live Again, can also be found on, I tunes, CD Baby and other internet music stores. As a library or normal collection of songs, Live Again, has a blend of elements that make this a very exciting album.

By T. Bollte  

Boney M, Liz Mitchell, does, Angola, new Rivers of Babylon 9/12/13

Boney M, featuring Liz Mitchell, performed hits like, By the Rivers of Babylon, in the war-pounded country of, Angola, on the weekend. 

   Liz Mitchell, tastefully performed her world famous songs from, Boney M and some of her own compositions like, Mandela, which she dedicated after, Nelson Mandela’s, death on Saturday.

   Liz said: “I feel like somebody with a message. During the war our music was support for soldiers. There is something hopeful in the sound that people can hold on to.”

   It was hard to believe a decade ago this country had a civil war that surmounted a death toll of over 500,000 people. The cities are now built up with 5 star hotels, shopping facilities, clubs, bars, restaurants and a lifestyle branding it one of the most expensive places in the world.

   Angola’s, war of independence, followed by the civil wars, spanned a long 40 years. The country and the people had suffered horrendously, however, a decade after the end of the civil war in 2002, the country has rapidly grown. It is no longer the belligerent place chasing out friendly people like, Liz.

   Liz said: “I’m always happy to know that I’m able to do something that will bring joy to some ones life.”

   Liz, was there for near to a week under the management of her husband, Thomas Pemberton and the promoters, Goncalo Pinto, of, Angola Dream Space. UB40 was performing under, Mr Pinto’s, organization 2 weeks before, Boney M featuring Liz Mitchell. Liz’s performance was sincerely enjoyed and sought after. There were calls for more than 1 encore after the shows and Mrs Mitchell, excitedly entertained everyone giving 3 or 4 extra songs at the end.

   Boney M, featuring, Liz Mitchell, performed in two places during the time they were there. The venue called, Miami Beech, was breathtakingly magical. The stage and audience were on the sea front of a white sand beech. The opening acts were, DJ Ricardo Alves, Kapiro and Gola V.

   Mr Pinto, said: The beech show stage was built directly on the beech. It’s a wondrous city, a mix of very old and very new. The city is growing, in couple of years the city will be totally different.”

   Boney M featuring Liz Mitchell, lifted people out of their chairs and helped to see a promise of more than fighting and persecution. Mrs Mitchell’s son, Aaron Pemberton, sang one of his own songs and her daughter and sister were singing backing vocals behind her. It boasted some zestful talent leading us to look favorably onto the future.

By T. Bollte
Writers compete at Global Café Poetry Slam 22.10.13

The Global Café, in, Reading, was excited to the stomping of feet and screaming applause at, Poetry Slam.

   A.F. Harrold, a popular poet for writing publications like, The Point of Inconvenience, was a headlining guest on the evening.

   Mr Harrold, said: “It was a nice evening, there were some very good poets on the stand.”  

   Along with other poets, Tom Dunt performed and was the winner of the poetry slam. Aaron Pemberton, one of the writers behind the, Gokugrave, also competed. Mr Pemberton, got through to the finals with a poem he wrote for the occasion called, ‘Wondered Love.’

   Many of the contestants were aspiring writers and the evening boasted a broad range of talents from beginners to professional authors.  Mr Dunt’s, poetry was fluid and compelling. It evoked a lot of power and captivated many people sitting in the audience. We at the, Gokugrave, will be following his progress.

   Mr Pemberton said: “I wasn’t too happy about my performance. I felt a little stifled. Its like I’m a ghost on the stage people aren’t really seeing me but I intend on appearing more than ever.”

Mr Pemberton has written a new poem called, ‘Come that I love,’  which he intends on reciting at the next competition.

Tom Dunt, received a bottle of wine for taking first place in the competition. He was surprised but received it nobly. The night was organized by, Michael Gulliver Vidon, who has made the theme for the next competition known. The poets will have to produce writing of an erotic subject and recite it in front of the live audience.

Details on Mr Harrold can be viewed on www.afharrold.com. If you would like attend the coming poetry slams you can find more information on the event at www.risc.co.uk/globalcafe.

By T. Bollte   

Reading and Leeds the way 27/08/11

   Music fans were surrounded in the preternatural descents of chart topping artists on the bank holiday weekend, this year at, Reading Festival.

   The event was sold out boasting some big names in the industry, like Eminem, to perform in front of millions of admiring fans.

   Billie Joe, from the band, Green Day, said: “This is the best festival in the world.”

   People traveled from the far corners of the, UK and abroad. Some travelling by cars and others using whatever transportation that was available to them. The roads in, Reading town, were swarming with visitors, roughly dressed to receive the music. The performances were enjoyed.

   Abbie Greeves, a student from, Reading, attending the festival said: “Bastille, were amazing. It would have been nicer to camp but its cool to live locally because you can do what you want.”

   The festival was one of the largest every organized in, Reading. The management had developed new stages that were constructed for presenting categories like, unsigned artists.

   One spectator said: “I only went for a day, the festival is a good atmosphere but its expensive. I only bought a burger and the toilets are a mess.”

   The weekend found many people lost in the sea of rhythms that entertained the public to climactic states.

   Ollie Jones, a spectator who traveled from, Kent, said: “I just came for, Eminem; I’ve been waiting 10 years.
            I got off the train in the afternoon. Our friend told us our tickets were in a car miles away. I waited over an hour for my mate to get back with the tickets.
            I’d have liked to be inside to see 'System.'”

   There were over 3 hundred artists performing at this years festival, including DJs, MCs, bands and comics. Among those artists playing were, Biffy Clyro and Azealia Banks.

   Leeds festival celebrated its 15th year and was also a hugely enjoyed event. Reading festival, went into the history books this year after record ticket sales. It truly is one of the most amazing events on the planet.

By T. Bollte

Boney M plays Newham, UK.  19/18.13

Newham, was alive with celebration for four days ending 18th Aug 2013 where, Boney M, performed in, East Ham Park, before the Mayor and over 8000 people.

Sir Robin Wales, the mayor of, Newham, has organised the event for free admission to the public for fourteen years to improve the community.

Evangelos Vanezise, a project manager on site, said: “The Mayor believes it’s a very good thing for the community to celebrate together.”

Elizabeth Mitchell, the lead singer from, Boney M, was the headlining act supported by a large band behind her. They performed the hits all the crowd knew. The words were spelled out like a sea of bubbles shooting over swinging arms and jumping bodies. Mrs Mitchell, performed, By The rivers of Babylon, Rasputin and songs from her solo album, Let it be, among many more original tracks.

Mrs Mitchell said: “I enjoyed playing for the people, all the, Boney M, fans are tender hearted, it’s always been a pleasure singing for people like that.”

Mrs Mitchell, brought out a mixed crowd of people from excited young boys and girls to elderly people in wheels chairs. There was a strong anticipation in the eyes of everyone. People were not only looking to the show on the stage but to the message of love and peace that was being spread among them.

Mr Vanezise, said: “I think it’s growing in reputation. Because of the Olympics last year we had more events in the celebration. People enjoy themselves and they come back.
                It’s very stressful during the planning period but when the event comes together and everyone is having fun it’s all worth it.”

On the line up, The real thing, Imagination and the Mayor’s speech where scheduled before Mrs Mitchell ended the night in frolic, blazing on the stage in a vibrant green jacket. It was a very stupendous night.  

By T. Bollte, Newham Recorder

Reading Raft Race Raises £30,000  22.07.13

Water Aid, have splashed out at this years, Raft race, on, the Thames, at, Readings, Caversham Bridge, on 11 of July, raising  over, £30,000.

   The Murphy, team with, Tommy Knight & Mark Mc namara, raised over £6000, this year, giving them the highest total raised out of the teams there.

   Mr Knight, said: “We don’t care whether we come first or last. Its about raising money for children who haven’t got clean drinking water.”

   It was the dig of ores as water from the river was sprayed over competitors by their pace of paddling. For almost an hour, the rafters, who designed and built their own rafts, where in the heats trying to finish in first place.

   Lee Tunnel team, based in, East London, traveled down to, Caversham, to take part in the race. They were at the raft race last year. As part of a project they intend to participate every year of the campaign.

   The Raft race, is a 4 year campaign aimed at raising £2 million pounds to aid towns with no drinking water in Bangladesh. They are now half way through the project and have 2 more years of the campaign to go.

   Jessica Sutton, A representative from water aid who was at the raft race, said: “It has a real sort of community feel to it. We’re very lucky to have such fantastic supporters.”

   Louisa, from the Lee Tunnel team told me: “Everyone is here to support. I’m not sure where we’ll come in the race but we’re giving it a go.”

   The team, PBA – A new hope, came first in the actual raft race. Their runner came off the raft and dashed up into the booth where they won their prize.

By Aaron Pemberton, Reading Post

Olympic Disco in Moscow  06/07/13

Disco takes first place as, Liz Mitchell, who dominated the late 70’s chart music in, Boney M, was called in to the, Olympic games 2014 theme song, team.

   The lyrics were co-written by her son, Aaron Pemberton, who joined his mother in, Moscow, where the song was recorded with Mrs Mitchell’s daughter, Adero Pemberton and Aaron Pemberton’s, vocals.

   Roman Semenov, the producer who asked, Mrs Mitchell, to work with them said: “I see the presence of such professional people makes the process of recording a very important event. When people hear this song it will give them energy and strength.”

   The climate in, Moscow, when I was there was static with excitement about the coming Olympic games. The games are being held in, Russia’s, exclusive town, Sochi. It was a town targeted by holiday makers , however, it is now being developed to host the massive occupancy of sports fans that want to be at the site where the competition is taking place.

   The song is being prepared to be presented to a committee that will decide on the song to be used as the theme for the, Olympic games, in, Russia. The team of engineers and producers that have come together to create the track have shown excitement about the production with, Mrs Mitchell, in its incompletion. They believe they have a winner as do most people who have listened to the track.

    Mr Semenov said: “They will be surprised and happy in, England. There not many singers who work spiritually in this sphere. Liz’s example will help people to search for God.”

   Mrs Mitchell, was requested to be involved in the production because of her Christian presence. As, Mrs Mitchell, is a reverend it was hoped that she would have a greater impact on the Christian community through the Olympic games.

   Mrs Semenov, Mr Semenov’s wife, said: “This is for all Christian churches as Christianity was prohibited  seventy years ago. We believe music will show the way for the young generation to come to God. We want to show people that we love them. The Olympic games is important for this.”  

By T Bollte

Making Motor Ship Mates  28/06/2013

Our pirates become captains; the battled past year has not stopped, Mr Pemberton, from taking part in an, RYA, motor cruising course in, Cornwall.

   Mr Pemberton has been practising to skipper a yacht at, Cornish Cruising Sailing, in Falmouth, where he has spent 5 days working and has completed the week with A VHF radio certificate and a licence to cruise.

   His mother, Elizabeth Pemberton, the lead singer of, Boney M, said: “It’s good that he actually has a licence to use a boat in the water."

   He has taken a week away from his other work, completing a book and working on the production of a song for the Olympic games in 2014, to do the course. Mr Pemberton is expected to be in Russia a day after completing the course to be on hand for the recording of the song that he has co-written for the games.

   Mr Pemberton said: “I wanted to do the course so that if I ask someone to spend a day or two on the water with me I can safely bring them back to shore. It’s beautiful on the coast and helps you to clear your head after the conflicts and struggling on mainland.

   It’s because of people arguing that I shouldn’t float I’ve gone and learnt how to captain a boat. I haven’t liked being discriminated against because of my privileges, which have been argued against to the extent I have found a whole new set of them. You cannot keep a man from himself, you fight his existence and he will keep to himself even more.  It bothers me that some people are just jealous.”

   The instructors at, Cornish Cruising, were more than happy with, Mr Pemberton’s, performance for the level of his motor vessel piloting. The school offers a range of, RYA, courses and yacht chartering. Mr Pemberton, has taken part in beginner classes at the school in 2011 through to know. The instructors have encouraged Mr Pemberton to further his training more.

   Phil, Mr Pemberton’s, Instructor on this course said: “Just because you pass your driving test doesn’t make you a formula 1 driver. You need to pass your test and practise. You need a couple years of good experience, a minimum of 2500 nautical miles on the water.”

   Mr Pemberton, expects to be moored in the Medway about the Thames estuary. He intends to use the yacht as a small life capsule. He believes it will boost morale of the directors in their young company, Squint Koros Uk. There is certainly a lot of fun to be had on the water.

By T Bollte


Koros Sounds the Olympics 27/02/13

Squint Koros UK, has pulled out the music sheets for the Olympics games in 2013, to add to a song for the Russian composer, Roman Semenov.

Aaron Pemberton will be working on the song with his bands member Megan Green, who is making a project like this for the first time.

Miss Green, said: “It’s really exciting, doing something like this for the Olympics.”

Mr Pemberton has bombarded rooms with sound to find the drop of notes that will play for, Sochi, where the games are being hosted.

Mr Pemberton, said: “They’ve already produced a really good song. I’ll make sure our part adds to it.”

Russia’s, Sochi, is where the Olympics have landed next winter. Massive developments and newly erected buildings can be noticed there. It holds many faculties making the ingredients for the 2013 Olympics easily digestible, including a great song.

Boney M Testimony for Russia 28/01/13

Liz Mitchell, the original lead singer of, Boney M, performed nurturing gospel songs at the awesome, Luzhniki arena, in, Moscow, Russia.

   Aaron Pemberton, her son from the band, The Supernova Heroes, also performed songs to over 11,000 people wanting to experience a testimonial like concert.

   Sergey Protcenko, an entrepreneur and church leader, said: “This is for Gods glory, so people will hear the testimony and know that there is only Jesus who can save and heal.”

   The arena was alive from the combing vibes that blanketed the hall. Liz, was frequently walking through the isles like a, Mother Teresa, through the children that adored her. These were not starving people, however, and some have donated to Liz’s charity to help young people see Africa.

   Mr Protcenko said: “I want more people to hear tonight’s show. The songs where felt by the heart.” He has arranged with the organisers to keep another few shows like this in the course of the next month and plans to keep more shows like this in the future.

   Liz, from Boney M, said: “It was wonderful, this was new and full of life. I’m thankful, Aaron, is here to grace the stage.”

   The audience was mix of the, Boney M, fans and an audience listening for the testimonial that, Liz, has broken through with in the form of the an album called, ‘Let it be.’ It is an album that contains Christian songs like, Amazing grace, Ave Maria and Let it be.

   The crowd responded with exchanging smiles and could frequently be seen dancing out of their seats. Along-side the songs from her gospel album, Liz, also performed hits like, Daddy Cool, Brown girls in the ring and by the rivers of Babylon. Her son’s performance was remarked about positively and he was happy to be singing with Liz’s band.

   The 9 piece band was blazing with dynamics of a tweeked roadster. A small brass section with excellent blowers kept the party high and heard.     


Squint Koros UK, close up.  17/01/13

Squint Koros UK, held a model photo session last night, Boasting company director, Mr A. Pemberton and model, Robert Purvis, in the first campaign since the companies launch party in 2011.

The session was held in Reading at a photo studio run by, Paul, a photographer who is well known for glamour photography creating half nude shots for the company on the evening.

The pictures have produced some positive feedback already and are expected to boost visible sight of the companies working intentions. The exclamation on ‘Perk your eyebrows! With intrepid gestures, keep religion. Slogans like these were tutored to the models on the night. The company is working to meet competitive standards in publishing.

The pictures are now to be used for commercial promotion of Squint Koros UK Publishing activities. The music and book titles to be licenced to the company, with complete publishing rights, are the focus of the campaign along with the company’s followers.

Mr Pemberton said: “After today, we are considering starting a division of the company for publishing our models as well as the writers and artists that are currently represented by us.”

The company has arranged for more photograph sessions with the same theme for later this month.

Panto Stage Tales for a Nation 21/12/12

The stage is made for Christmas and the New Year in the theatres around, Reading, and Berkshire, cracking open festive joy in the pantomime.

The running shows have changed from previous years that provided record breaking ticket sales to satisfied families who kept the memories of their visit to bring them back again and again.

This year the pantomime have found the talents of children’s star, Justin Fletcher, who won record breaking ticket sales for the theatre houses in 2011. In, Beauty and the beast, at the Hexagon, Mr Fletcher is filling the role of Mr Tumble, a young character who is a close companion of Beauty, played by, Emma Housley. Jolyon Dixon, plays the Dame, who is Tumble’s mother in the play. The complete cast is joined by dancers.

Vicki Michelle, playing the enchantress, said: I am also really excited to be working with Justin Fletcher who is a legend,” after last year’s award winning performances. Vicki is famous for playing roles in shows like ‘Allo, allo.’

The pantomime, Beauty and the beast, was playing at the Hexagon theatre in Reading. There are pantomimes being held in Bracknell and Henley on Thames also. The shows promise a good experience for the entire family.

Sarah Cox the manager of the hexagon said: “The cast of this year’s show is shaping up to be one of the best.” The pantomime is an active platform for actors to interact with you as the audience. If the job is done well it finds unforgettable moments for us to take home.

The brilliance of actors on the stage and in make-up is that they speak a language above the shouting and screaming we hear every day. The atmosphere they become a part of is not of the real world. It is a more abstract place filled with the love and highlights of a desired story.

If you have kids that like a story before they go to bed a pantomime is a treat for their young minds. Families who attend the shows have rated the performances highly saying,“ With 2 kids it was recommended I go to one. We saw Scooby Doo.” Emma from Reading told me this walking to another performance at the, Hexagon, called, Horrible Histories.

Susan Richards, a grandmother who went to a performance of, Beauty and the beast, said: “I think it’s fun.” She arrived with her granddaughter. I met her at the foyer and noticed the there was a waiting glance from her. Coming into the ticket area people had seated themselves at the café and kids danced around picket signs. It was hard to imagine what was going to happen in the theatre after you arrive.

After you are seated and the lights go down, The music slams into chorus. At the, Hexagon you will sometimes have a live orchestra. Other theatres may not have an orchestra but the sound effects and lights are a moving compliment in the show regardless. Creating a living mood of suspense and excitement, the shows are a great introduction into the world of theatre and arts.

“It’s great for everyone, with magic comedy and adventure” I was told by Jolyon Dixon, a good pantomime will bring a story to life. The ones based on the more popular stories go down well with the kids.

The Hexagon, was playing to a packed house over 2011. They performed a version of Aladdin and made their most successful performance to be staged in the venue. It’s not just the name of the play that tells you whether or not it is a good performance. It’s also the cast, the director and production team. There are little things that add to the quality of the show. How well the actors interact with the audience. If a child is not interested in fairy tales they might still enjoy it if someone like, Justin Fletcher is going to be performing for them anyway. Otherwise you risk the little ones falling asleep in chairs less comfortable than their beds.

Mr Dixon, the Dame, in, Beauty and the beast, said: “The pantomime is hugely interactive there are moments when kids can actually join in.” He refers to his favourite part in the performance as ‘The slap stick scene.’ It is a scene where, Tumble, played by, Justin Fletcher and the, Dame, played by, Jolyon Dixon, are left with a dirty floor and buckets of soap. The audience plays a large part in deciding whether the bucket goes over the floor or over them.

“The dame is the best part, I get to dress up in silly dresses and make people laugh, it’s exciting and fun in response from the audience. I play to everybody, it’s important to include everybody.” John Dixon told me.

You can experience the magic yourselves because that is what the pantomime promises anyone who comes to watch. There are usually a few pantomime houses within a county. Berkshire has South Hill Park, in Bracknell, Kenton Theatre, in Henley and The Hexagon being the largest and located in Reading town centre.

Different performances are being held in each house.

By T. Bollte 

Alfa Romeo, Starts again 15/12/12

Driving the hate backwards, Squint Koros UK Ltd, have restored and improved the company car that was stolen and damaged by thieves earlier this year in June.

   The, Afla Romeo 147, is now more powerful with i. c. e. to light up the Christmas tree, in a replaced head unit and switches for functions like the, Knight rider, LEDs at the front of the car.

   Anthony, the mechanic who worked on the car remarked: “The dents came out, damage wasn’t too bad, it was just trying to make sure you got the curves right. How the car performs and drives influences the drive. You drive faster after this kind of work.”

The Chassis:
18 x 8.5 Kei racing force 10 £720.00
Apex Sports spring kit £100.00
Long life exhaust system £599.00

Alfa Romeo 147 Side Skirts £351.00
Alfa Romeo 147 roof spoiler £140.00
Body Work Damage Repair - Caar Customs 07857 424984

CDA (Induction Kit) £130.00

BV8728B – CD/MP3/WMA/USB/SD-Card/DVD/Bluetooth Player £240.00


Retro FM Pop Show 08/12/12

The Legendi Retro FM music show, on this weekend, was a heated selection of artists including, Boney M, performing in, the Ice Hall, in, St Petersburg, Russia.

Over thirteen acts appeared for this year’s annual event including, Boney M, C.C.catch, The Rednex, from, Sweden and the, Secret Service, from, Germany, all performing popular music from the 80’s and 90’s.

C.C Catch told me: “It was very well organised. The venue was nice and it was good to be here.  I hear our 
music on retro FM. It’s a great energy.”

The show was organised under the strain of a mis - scheduling. The organiser told me: “The event was originally scheduled to be prepared over the course of three to four days. However, due to 2 events being scheduled close to each other the crew had one night to prepare.”

The snow was also an obstruction and caused delays. Vladimir, the organiser told me: “Most of the people are happy tonight. They are very young, it is a festival for all generations .Boney M and Liz, is a big pleasure to have.”

The event also boasted artists like Corona singing the hits like This is the rhythm of the night. She was joined by Dj’s from Retro FM, MC’s for the evening.

The live audience were bridged by voice and dance from choruses and routines. The Russian dancers were synchronized with artists like, Liz Mitchell, from, Boney M. They bedazzled the audience with flips and leaps in time with the music.

The capacity was almost maxed in a hockey arena built to hold thousands. Many of the audience were waving flags and lifting hands in the air of celebration with the music. Retro FM has provided an unforgettable evening for fans. Many of the fans have met with the artists here after the show.  

By A. Pemberton


Company Car in Garage 29/11/2012

The only company car, an Alfa Romeo, belonging to, Squint Koros UK, was stolen and can now be found wrecked in a garage having an overhaul of parts and bodywork.

   The car was missing for around 6 months before the police found it abandoned in London with Dents and scratches that were only the surface of its new problems.

   The mechanic working on the car said: “The dents came out, the damage wasn’t too bad. It was just trying to make sure you got the curves right afterwards.”

   The company is keeping the car with the intention of modifying it for improved performance and functions. The styling of the car is not being overlooked either. New parts promise to change the appearance of the car. Is it the next, Bat Mobile? It is certainly the next, Street mobile. Switches inside the car control an array of lights. Apparently everything on the car is for a function.

   The publishing company, Squint Koros UK, are protecting images of the finished vehicle and plan to sell articles to houses like Fast Car Magazine. You can read more on the development later.

Aaron Pemberton


Hexagon Theatre remembers, Horrible Histories.  08/11/12

The hungry minds of, Reading’s young children, were entertained at the evenings performance of, Histories Terrible Tudors, at, the Hexagon Theatre.

Simon Lloyd, lead the cast as, Dr. D, into a historical comedy based on the events leading to and ending the rein of the, Tudor, families on the thrown of, England.

Mr Lloyd said: “It felt good, we were performing to a warm audience”

The majority of the seats were filled with families and schools. The excitement built through the course of the play with good interaction. You felt familiar with the actors and the show, running for almost 2 hours, being easy to sit through.

A theatre production like this impresses the audience with original special FX. The show has used an animated backdrop that gives a good visual impression of the setting. However, it lets down the standard of a well-produced show that could be more interactive with props and effects. 3D goggles are used for part of the play, pulling the audience into the world of the show.

The standard of sound and acting raise the level of the performance. The actors carry a high energy throughout and an excellent chemistry on the stage that has nurtured over time. Miss Tree’s, character acted by, Lynette Clarke, delivers emanating flare about her role as a responsible citizen. Her part is in frequent role-play with, Dr. D, feeds the audience many enjoyable moments.

’I’ve warned you about corrupting the minds of these children with your horrible histories,’ she acts with the gestures of an epiphany for fear of her concerns.

Mrs Clarke said: “It is great working with kids, we’ve done over 270 shows. It’s tough but you get through it. It’s always different.”

There are moments when you feel she is speaking to you in the audience. The theatres has ushers to hand you goggles and show you the restrooms when needed. There is also a bar that serves refreshments near the reception.

A member of the audience, Emma, told me: “These kinds of plays are recommendations for education. I have 2 kids, we had a good time.”

Tickets are available from £9.50. The last show, this year at the Hexagon, is on 11 November. However, you can see the show later in other theatre sites.

By Aaron Pemberton


Musikladen, Bremen plays, Aladin Saturday Night. 04/11/12

Radio Bremen celebrated the 40th anniversary for the show, Musikladen, on Saturday, night at, The Aladin Bremen, attended by thousands.

The army of fans of the show and the artists performing on it, filled the venue and blazed the hall with excited spells of dance and singing.

Uschi Nerke, one of the programmes presenters told me: “It’s a fantastic feeling.”
The bands there were hosted by the original presenters of the TV show, Musikladen, produced by Radio Bremen, Manfred Sexauer and Uschi Nerke. Boney M, famous for songs like Daddy Cool, was headlining the evening. Other bands included the Rubettes.

Mrs Nerke, was wearing a slinky dark gown boasting a healthy cleavage. She presented to the audience in German and introduced the artist legends onto the stage just as it would have been done on the show, Musikladen.

The programme was ended in 1984 and boasted high ratings. Mrs Nerke, told me, “Everyone new Bremen on the map because of the Musikladen, the popularity of the show was a ridiculously high. We were being watched by over 45 countries, everyone knew us.”

For forty five minutes the viewer of the programme would see live acts performing on stage in a television studio. Clips from the show can still be seen on VH1. On Saturday the audience received a long performance from Liz Mitchell the original lead singer of Boney M. She entertained on the evening with hits including, By the rivers of Babylon, Rasputin and Daddy Cool.

A member of the audience, Vagnor, told me “I came for the bands like, Boney M. Party, party, party! It’s good!”

Liz Mitchell remarked: “It’s a celebration and its very nice performing here.” At the end of the evening they played her new song, ‘This holy night’, released this Christmas. She cheerfully commented saying: “I’m glad they’re letting people know there is a new song.”

The audience waved hands to signal adoration about the music. Liz was signing autographs at the foot of the stage near to the time of the last songs. Bremen Radio organised a great evening for the fans and the artists.

By T Bollte,


Folk order Punk Rock at, The Butler 28/10/12

Punk Rock bands D.S.A, Rage D.C., Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Straw Dogs all performed on Friday night at the Butler, in Reading.

The full house packed the room and used the space to throw members of the crowd around in violent spells of excitement during the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels performance.

Scott Dean, travelled from Farnborough by train, for the event, he said: “I came for the underground punk because it’s hard-core and I enjoy the attitude.”

The bands were adored on the evening with characters running up to them on the stage and screaming lyrics they remembered. Many of the people were fans of one band or another and surmounted a festival of party goers.

The guitarist and singer in the, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Rhys, told me: “You can usually find us playing at rebellion festivals like, F.U.C.K Reading festival, in London.” The band has released an EP with 5 tracks. They have healthy aspirations for the future.

The base guitarists and vocalist in the band, Harrison Wilde, said: “I want to do a radio 1 acoustic set.” Harrison threw some amazing facial expressions during his singing. His propelling Charisma could not be avoided.

Other bands that performed include the, Straw Dogs, who were similar in appearance but not at all in the sound. The band was the first to perform and gently warmed the audience up to head banging by their last track. Their music was in some ways nostalgic which made a blend of punk rock and grunge. One track focused on their habits in summer. The verse and chorus of the song was not broken or screamed out. The crowd were smiling at the performance of it with a kindled curiosity.

Chris, The lead singer said: “We want to keep music alive, we have fun.”

The band is available for private bookings on their website, www.strawdogs.co.uk .  All the bands together produced an amazing event that ran from 7:30pm to midnight. Sambuca bombs accompanied the orders for the butler. The night was a good time out of the cold.

By Aaron Pemberton _________________________________________________________________________________

Sodom and Gomorrah, in View - film review 24/10/12

The oldest films don’t have to be grey and white, this 1962 epic runs for 155 minutes in colour and remains a mountain of a production.

The views are still copied today, with casting down the social vice of many things practised in the cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, exposed in the film.

I could easily imagine what it was like living during the period, thanks to the precise designs of costumes and silks. There are some dresses that are eye opening to see on the screen along with the actors like, Anouk Aimee, as Queen Bera. Moments like her empowered entrance into her father’s, chambers for men, show the aggressive nature of her prowl.

She encourages the iniquitous flavour of her kingdom telling, Lot, the Hebrew leader in her court, ‘You are a sodomite after all,’ after Lot ends another man’s life. Sexual games are played throughout the film within the plot. The love of characters is tested and trailed against instigations and betrayal for power and self-gain.

Many of the metaphors arriving after Sodom and Gomorrah picture, homosexual love and wrongful affairs, that led to the city being cast down to salt by, God. The portrayal of romance in the movie is to promote traditional ideas of love which some viewers may find boring.

The Reverend Elizabeth Pemberton said: “Movies today are less biblical. A disaster movie is just about the theories of Armageddon but people don’t actually use God in them.”

The film’s plot is strongly focused on, God, with direct association to, ‘The Hebrew God,’ as an actual character in the movie. The appearance of, angels, and the power to destroy the city are projected by this character within the movie. If you want to see God doing something it’s a good film to watch.

It trips on, the romantic images, with very deep swooning moments of perfect engagements followed by tragedies of their characters.

Patrick Ryan, a student at Kingston said: “Things in movies progressed past this, there are films with gay relationships. I think gay relationships are romantic but they’re not always portrayed that way.

The movie is available on VHS in most regions, you can view Sodom and Gomorrah trailer on you tube, here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fy_pmErDg4. In America it is known as, ‘The last days of Sodom and Gomorrah.’

By Aaron Pemberton  


British Library starts, On the Road, exhibition 13/10/12

The British library, has opened the, Jack Kerouac’s, manuscript scroll exhibition on the, 4th of October, followed by Last nights, The great year of my enlightenment, lecture held by, Howard Cunnell.
Howard Cunnell, edited the original manuscript for, penguin books, giving an introductory note in the edition he talked and a detailed biography of the author Jack Kerouac on the evening.

   The exhibition permits a visual display of the, original scroll, along with captions of the author and other famous images from the Beats, an era of revolution against disliked affairs promoted by society.

   A student from America remarked, “I first saw the scroll in books with photos and text. I like the exhibition is focused on the scroll and I can see it here.”

   The illuminated items being exposed are the centre of the library’s archive displays while the, Paccard Gallery, is being reconstructed from another exhibition. It sometimes appeared to be in scaffolding like it was not entirely finished but other parts of the exhibition left that excusable. Glass and smooth edges press the displays clearly into place for beholding.

   Ben a journalist told me, “I’m a fan of the, Beat, generation since I was 16. Its exciting and enduring, Its what you like as a teenager.”

   “Seeing the scroll in perspective is a little different.”  The appearance of the scroll is as spectacular as its contents. Words that stream out of the authors mind expose underlined phrases that brick his projection in the construction of his sentence. The scroll cannot easily be read on the exhibition but the books ‘On the road’ is sold in the British Library shop.

   You would be well equipped bringing a magnifying glass to view the details of the scroll as one is not provided. There are extracts from the scroll highlighted on the side of the display to give you an example of his writing.

   The lecture was 60 minutes long and provided a moving documentary of the period in, Jack Kerouac’s, life where he was inspired to produce some of his greatest work.

   A man attending the lecture said “I read the book and I know the editors role in this so I came to see the scroll itself for curiosity.”

   The exhibition certainly feeds the imagination, giving space to the emergence of different thinking. It is a tribute to the, British Library, having gained possession of the scroll even if it is only for a short duration of time. It must be seen by any keen literate and can be enjoyed by anyone with interest in a social movement that changed the world.

By T. Bollte


 ITV’s Nations Favourite Christmas Artists site Piccadilly 13/10/2012

Liz Mitchell of Boney M, goes in with, the dancers at the Trocadero, the HMV CD givers and mad town people looking for a good time, recording, Nations Favourite no 1, at a studio in Club no 9, Piccadilly.

   Accompanied by photographers and producer, Kerry Allison, who directed, The Corrie Years, which brought in over 6 million viewers in the UK, Liz was filmed speaking about her song, ‘Mary’s Boy Child,’ and performing, ‘When a child is born.’

   Liz told me, “Every year is a new year; some of my favourite artists are being played at this time of year.”   

   The nations favourite no 1, will air Liz Mitchell’s, interview where, Kerry Allison, remarked, ‘It carries such a warm feeling, your voice Liz.’ The interview revealed Liz’s ventures into the colds of Russia where the music video for the song was recorded. It was ‘unimaginable’ she said, describing how she performed to screaming observers giving cloths away in the freezing weather to gain more admission to the shows she was performing.

   Liz gave a solid interview for an hour in the studio at, club no 9. She keeps a casual distance from the microphone speaking to it like a friend. The stories are insightful after, Kerry Allison’s questions, revealing the truth of a huge history. The record breaking artist, Liz Mitchell, speaks about the feats of the band and the message it has brought to people.

   The location has ‘Great lighting and atmosphere’ Kerry Allison remarked. The interview looks great for the festive season and its depth gives a warmth and joy that only, Liz Mitchell, could provide.  Look out for the programme this year around its usual slot, near to Christmas.

By T. Bollte

British library, treasure tales trail admirers, to go book  03/10/12

The British Library is up - beat for winter with new exhibitions, Mughal India, starting the 9th of November in the Paccard Gallery.

   The exhibition includes; art, literature and music with evening events like, Mughal Nites, hosted by DJ Ritu and the resident library artists, Christopher Green, at 19:30 that day.  An admission fee of £7.50 is charged.
The British Library is not the hot spot on many weekend calendars but the colours that are running on the book shelves seem to melt pages. The subjects of these exhibitions are coming to life and preparing to greet you.

   Jin Zhu, a student said: ‘I’d like to listen to music, read, chat in areas made apart from reading, in a library.’ The British library has promised this in more than 1 gallery. The permanent gallery keeps the Libraries treasure.  These include the beautiful, ‘Gutenberg Bible.’ The private owned treasures have not been deposited yet. Artefacts like the, DreaLEarthG Pendant and ring, trademark, which are definitive of ‘If the strong stand the weak can follow’ will have to be viewed in Switzerland. Many of the artefacts on exhibition at the museum carry the weight of amazing tales that must be heard and seen.

   For students like,  Kihyun Lee, who told me, ‘I like to read comic books on the sofa,’ this is a refreshing alternative to university libraries where book shelves scale upwards like rough walls.  The British Library is hosting other events on days of the week including; ‘1951, the great year of my enlightenment.’ It is testaments of Jack Kerouac’s 120 foot manuscript Scroll.

By T. Bollte
NHS prevent release to condemn freed order

Pemberton’s Drs oppose bureaucratic decision against medical profession

The founder of, Squint Koros UK, Mr. Aaron Pemberton, was trapped by, NHS Dr’s, forces of fiction, after his companies direction came to a jackpot under its directorship.

   Squint Koros UK, has battled anti humanitarian ideals of autocracy and socialist chaos after the launch party for their debut titles being published, where investors showed keen interest in the company.

   Mr. Pemberton's, staff had consisted of Eastern Asian, African and European cultures that have been reflected in the material they publish

   Positioned mad men, who are to encounter prosecution for their prejudice of this kind of development, directed the instigated separation of the company’s body

   Drs of the NHS, subjected, Mr. Pemberton to 28 days in a rehabilitation ward where his perfect bill of health was interrogated.

   Earlier developments about, Mr. Pemberton's, business show the intervention and capture of fraud instigation. The money saved is to be used for future productions being published.

   Squint Koros UK, is a sovereign foundation that secured the promise of independence and freedom to those brutally opposed against by factions of hypocrisy. Those factions opposed, Squint Koros UK, with direct offers of higher wages with weaker placing along with superiority tactics of threats such as the false arrest of, Mr. Pemberton.

By T. Bollte

Boney M & Hero’s Bio beat, Fraud Thief 03/09/12

The Supernova Heroes & Boney M, biographic fiction has sighted fraud charges after the financing of the project was taken from its investor, Mr, A Pemberton.

Over £100,000 had been captured back after an attempt at mortgage fraud on his asset which he intended to donate for the productions of the band’s music and the Biographic fiction, ‘Harmonic resolution.’
Police have remarked, “It’s important to keep calm during these kinds of proceedings.” On the day of the arrest the house was secured by 7 cars filled with medical and law enforcement officers.

The seven hours during their questioning, after the confession of fraud against Mr, A. Pemberton’s asset, relayed the offender’s details not be disclosed. The police have assigned him into medical care under the schizophrenic mental health condition.

“I came to their house the night before to complete details for my joint application as a certified graduate from Kinsgton University.  I knew it was important I sign to the asset as it was rewarded for, compensation and the only way to get off job seekers allowance was to work as a graduate. So the mortgage was important. That’s when I saw my mother have a fit and then there was a confession of mortgage fraud against my name. That’s when I called the police.”

Last year, Experien, identified that more people are mis-representing their personal, employment and credit details to get properties out of reach. It is imperative that finance lenders share comprehensive information about finance applications.

There are currently no assets connected to Mr A. Pemberton on his family’s estate of several houses. The decline in their standard of living and concern was blamed on Mr A. Pemberton’s attachment to the codes of his Sovereign title. The distributions of the families own opinions have caused his earlier conflicts. Mr, A Pemberton, was awarded compensation finally after recovering from his innocent incarceration imposed on him by the offenders caught here.  

The Biographic film and Soundtrack have been delayed by months and the promise of their release this year is not expected. “We’ve completed a couple tracks with Richard Miles, who did work with Ray Charles and Kylie Monogue. The rest is late. It’s on the way.” Mr,A. Pemberton told us.

By T. Bollte, Reading Post 

Mobile Minds Womad at Reading Festival 26/08/12

Reading, has looked like a riot zone this weekend, during the annual, Reading Festival, Womad, where bands, Foo fighters and Florence and the Machine, battled on the stage.

   The public have been divided into, the disrupted country and river folk against the party animals of stocked camp sites, the sun rose over with blocked glares.

   At the admission both, a young disordered person was “Just looking to have a good time and expecting to drink.” He was over 18 and appeared drunk already. The security was sited to check admissions for drugs and offenders.

   The event has attracted people from distant and foreign locations. The arrivals have shown a desire to be liberated and in good spirits. Speaking to them was like being beamed up unto an alien space ship. The town was walked about like it was Lego blocks, under their shoes.

   Two arrivals came in a taxi from Bristol, together, “We missed the shows just looking around. Our favourite part here has been the disco.”

   The festival has entertained all age groups for the duration of its three days.  The only bad remarks came from the painted faces of teenagers who told me, “The only bad thing is wearing the wrist bands, their annoying and I lost my phone.”

Reading Post By Aaron Pemberton

Body bulk, Sir,plus Junk 24/08/12

The shelves, of places our home provisions are stacked for sale, are changing to barrel beds we can find supplements to fill the trolley with.

The superstores in Reading have made space for health and maintenance to sell protein bars of candy and tubs of shake formulas to induce body growth and endurance.

The customers are ill advised in, talk shows and ladies, working in the isles, are found pointing you to chocolate bars and loose jackets for men to fill. Finding the best supplement before you go to the gym is a risk against the sane consumption of meat.

Ian, a trainer in the gym advised: “Find one product and be careful not to bulk. Look for an, all in one, product you can use with a programme of, 10 sets lifting 40 kg and naker yourself.”

It was more tiring looking for one product, like he suggested, among all the others being supplied on the shelves. Many of the products are flavoured and come with a dosage directed for, per day. It becomes dangerous, however, when you have many products available with different dosages to take in the same space of time.

The new development and popularity of these supplements has given a greater meter of growth for the average person.  A good balance of supplements can increase the speed of muscle growth or weight loss. Without other additions to the diet, it’s not good bulk building in, the packet of gym.
The manager of Waitrose commented: “We sell a unit of one type of fuel recovery chocolate bar a week. The rest of those supplements don’t sell a unit a week. I recommend chicken and eggs to anyone coming here for good a formula.”

By Aaron Pemberton

Liverpool’s, radio, ‘City Talk 96.7,’  towers. 11/08/12

Catch the birds in the nest at, St John’s Beacon, in Liverpool, 138 meters above sea level with radio studios for stations like, Magic Fm.

   The tower was completed 1969, when it was the tallest building in Liverpool, with Stevie Wonder’s song, ‘You are the sunshine of my life’, aired on the stations breakfast show.

   The building was officially opened by the queen in 1970. The tower receives performing artists for talk shows with presenter, Rick Horton.

   Mr Horton said: On Saturdays we have a lot of excitement over sport, the Liverpool football, we talk a little about the Olympics too.”

   The tower can be seen from the, Lime street train station, walking out onto the court. It is the highest building in sight and speaks the language of three modern channels to the liberated city: Magic 1548, City Talk 105.9 and Radio City 96.7.

   Sophie, a catering assistant working in the café, said: “You find mostly tourists visit, I’m from Liverpool but I work with a lot of people from London here.”

   The radio stations have a large following for playing popular music and holding, call in debate shows. Pete Price, a resident presenter there has hosted artists like Ronan Keaton and the Script. His show can be heard on air at 10pm on Sundays.  

Northern Express By T Bollte


Olympic games rush, Bolt dust, and crushed. 07/08/12

The Excel Centre was like a, Colours of Benetton, window on, Friday, with spectators arriving to view the weight lifting and table tennis among other sports.

   I arrived to view the, Boxing, with premier tickets that were refuted for a mis-print that was more visible on the day than I was, next to the streams of flag printed sports fans.

   The ticket resolution office, was dismissive of any sort of request concerning ticket alteration, with boxed eyes watching the already knocked, then stoned by running bodies flowing into the Centre.

   Miss Macurley, a spectator who was in the cue waiting to enter the building told me, “Its been really well organised, we ordered our ticket on the internet and came right through.” The centre was occupied by armed police and soldiers at points of entry and exit.  The heightened security around the docks was not noticeable everywhere. However, the imposition on other security forces caused a lack of progressive communication dealing with people.

   An American family caught up by purchasing tickets from an illegitimate source was left to argue with the resolution office for almost half an hour. The husband was heard speaking “Will you Shup up!” to his wife in the line of questioned ticket holders.  His crushing day was made worse by the rushing attitude of the spectators walking through into the stadium like it was Noah’s Ark. 
A smartly dressed woman used her hands weight to fling a more morose upset saying “We have nothing to say, this is what we came for.”

   The ANOC stated, “We are securing sport in our current economic climate and the role of sport as a catalysts for improved social and education policies.” The attitude penetrating the Olympic ethos is “Sport is an investment not a burden,” for the ANOC. Many of the events have been influenced against the athlete’s message of perseverance for this reason.

   Bolt has continually referred to his contest with “’The Beast’ Blake” who he was determined to beat in the London Olympics. Leaving with a gold medal yesterday was a sure step to victory for him. 


Celebrities Court in a Moved Man Sport 01/07/12
The singer of, Olympic Games Theme anthem, ‘Let your light shine,’ Charlie, filmed the video for the song yesterday aside by his producer and sat silenced by events.

The disruptions were partly caused by constructions at the, ExCel centre, moving many of the scheduled events at the centre and Charlie’s recording of the video. He was driven to an alternative sight to complete the project for the production being managed under, Up Records.
“My inspiration for the song was my story of life, to not give up.” Charlie said. The influences of the industry see welcome the complete conversion of the ExCel centre, dropping scheduling of events like Charlie’s music video and the boxing matches that take place there throughout the year.
ADNEC Group has been in charge of completely redesigning the sight for the, Olympic games, due to start in July. The centre is owned, Abu Dhabi, who has paid for the refurbishments costing millions to be fitted.

The conduct of managers for the players and artists has been pinned down to, ‘a network of shadow runs.’  Disregarding the player’s interests for the influence of a tainted socialist direction sustaining itself.
Artists like, Charlie, have been victimised by the practise, after managerial organisations force alterations that devalue their guarding respected integrity.
There are currently legal battles taking place to see these alterations are stopped and reimbursements are provided to the individuals that have been wrongly effected.

Metro, By T Bollte


Red Hair and Skin Glare –  05/27/12

   The Alternative model and tattoo artist, Efflectum, is popular for her illustrative tattoos that cover visible parts of her body in dancing shades of colours.
   She can be found in, Old London Road Tattoos Parlour, where she will book you in to paint your body herself or by artists working in the tattoo parlour.
   “Tattoos tell a story” She told me, with a relaxed expression about the expressive artwork I could already see on her arms and legs.  The tattoo boasts a taste for difference about the natural state of skin pigmentation.

   Tribes like, Native American Indian tribes, used skin paint and tattoos for recognition before others. The tribe would commonly share a symbol or colour markings.  Efflectum said, “A lot of people around here use it to cover scars they have or bad memories.”  She revealed a few bits under her minimal clothing and described one of her tattoos as “An evolution of myself.”

   The kind of images that she has created are amazing to look at, however, the drawback is not all people like to see the images. She remarked, “Outside of work it can get negative reactions.” An image can sometimes provide offence where it replaces another preferred expression, whether that is of a tattoo or something of natural growth.

   Society has become more familiar with body tattoos and we accept them more for the world we live in. Considering the natural glare from our skin has become rather like choosing cloths, without discipline to express yourself truthfully.

By Tennington Bollte

Ring Radio Heart, 'The Oracle says.'Breakfast presenter DJ’s between isles of shoppers
Wed 2 May
The Oracle has gave an afternoon of music for people coming in out of of the most popular hight street stores in Reading when, Michell, breakfast presenter for Radio Heart Berkshire 97.0FM was hosting a daytime disco.
   Michell said: “I agreed to come.” She and her assistant were playing tracks from, Ministry of Sound. It scattered a passionate vibe amongst the walking window watchers. They were ‘Just trying to make a buzz.’
   The shopping centre provides seating and café’s where people could be entertained by the DJ. The occasion was a random booking for the breakfast presenter to mix in the centre. It was an abstract experience for me and the other locals from the town. The Vue cinema, temporarily, became second source of entertainment for a day.

Nutella makes you short, big cocks talk!  30.04.12

This weekend the British pub, Weather spoons, was a covered building of dark surprises you don’t get to taste unless you have the teeth dig out the spirits that treat you.
    British pubs are often providing entertainment and holding events like quiz’s and karaoke, late into the hours of the night, drinks are being served to anyone over the age of 18, the legal drinking age in England.
   I was surprised, a thirty year old, at not ever seeing how men are thrown lids to keep their dark secrets inside. You might hide from creatures unknown to natural world, finding it a step away from usual interaction of flirting and socialising in the popular site in Kingston. The bottled secrets are active for the true cock that doesn’t fall short of shocking bravery, to stand long enough to leave without losing to a hot vodka shot.
   Matt, a fitness trainer at Kingfisher gym said: “You have more testosterone in the body and it gets worked out.” During the time in a pub the male testosterone is seeking action before it calms. That evening the men at the bar were the stars for drinking down whatever dead truth they talk about; locking in a secret life.
   A good diet can keep a lid on the anomalies about our bodies, in certain contained environments like pubs. Hungers that you might find in pubs or gyms can be fed properly by a stable diet.  Matt, told me, “Its best to stay away from red meat and stick with white. It can be good to vary if balanced carefully.”
   Most pubs do a selection of burgers and varied types of steaks. You can enjoy these with a selection of beers. Getting drunk on these heights is a doable pass time on weekends, when you might find unexpected changes that change your talk forever.
   Ed Rivers, a student studying graphic design told me, “I drink strong bow, I don’t need anything else but cider. I do fundraising in bars but I cannot concentrate drunk.”
   The danger of drinking in these places is; not knowing where you are. An occasion or even the day of the week can carry some influence on your experience. If you want to meet what you expect to see be sure it is there.

By T. Bollte
PC World sites, Store and Meteorites 23/04/12
Electrical supplies are being developed in the market for concession selling that keeps prices low. The strings are not noticeable and if they are, what are they? It appears you can purchase a Galaxy for hardly anything with strings attached.
   It could be declared that we are feeding a growing economy, although, it could also be observed that a hungry economy is feeding itself. The sales assistant at phones for you in the, PC world and Curry’s, New Malden provided a contract with a tariff for my needs.
   The working man’s phone is a utility for his personal and business needs. Without a phone communication falls to meetings and social gatherings. Its impractical and leaves any employee subject to dependency problems, pre scheduling becomes a tedious affair of personal association.
   The utility that best aids this difficulty has been provided like a candy wrapped sweet I need only pick up. However, for the simple task of saving personal association and dis organised practise, I was confused by the range of applications and facilities the phone could provide.
   The assistant told me: “If you don’t pick a smart phone now, in 2 years you’ll be even further down the technology ladder.” It’s new ladder is not exposed to the public eye. You cannot be sure of how computers and phones are advancing for personal and business use. Using the wrong phone can leave you pushing buttons in running seconds of your life. Yet our phones and computers appear with more and more of these applications.
   “You can come into the store and sit with one of our reps at phones 4 you to talk about the applications,” is what the assistant said to me. I refuted buying the phone he offered for the simple reason I didn’t have the time, who does? And why leave me in school for a phone, anyway?
   The development of, I phones ON7 and Samsung’s Galaxy are being pitched as, “Similar where you’ll see the same functions and applications.” The provision of these are almost being given away, however, the language we are receiving from these devices certainly is not mine or the language I share with real people.
   It may take an instrument of no substance to reveal no substance in humanity. The continuous development and acceptance of these kinds of stores are pushing the sales of technology we do not use.
   To do research into the electronic devices you choose is easily done and I would not enter a site like this without knowing what you want and how to use it.

By T. Bollte

Finesse Chinese Restaurant Review 18/04/12

The food and service are fit for kings and Queens at the Finesse Chinese restaurant in, Kingston’s Rotanda, amid a court of amusements and entertainment. 

   The food is prepared for lunch and evenings, to the western taste, that brings you to, China, in a levitated open space, offering drinks like coco milk and beautiful fine foods on their menu. 

   The restaurant also has a licence to serve alcohol with a fully loaded bar for quiet evenings out with a partner or the kids. The tables are rowed, like school dinner halls. It gives the floor a simplicity that may be problematic for the romantic dances, however,, courting can be easily done looking across the table tops. 

   Stephen Ming, who works at the restaurant said: “The chairs are not so nice but the food is excellent. The feedback from our good customers is million times better than other places.” With those statistics it would be too hard to grade, Finesse on a level of 1/10 but it deserves 8 from my experience of food. 

   It was established 5 years ago and acquired a Japanese grill, Tappanyaki, 2 years ago. The restaurant aims to share Chinese culture. 

   The Buffet is set at £6.00 during lunch and £11.00 during the afternoon. It scored 6.8 in London eating. It is an experience of great oriental cooking.   

By Aaron Pemberton 

 London’s latest at The Lexington Launch Party 12/04/11

The audience streamed in from off the road to The Lexington, where,  Billy Vincent, were headlining for the release of their debut album, She, out on the 8th May.

Leading the native folk band on where a retro band with blue grass looks, Tankus the Henge and also, Sweet sweet lies, a smart easy listening group who trumpeted vocals like canons across the night.

Russ Junk Scientist, organised the evening through, Something Nothing Records. The Label is releasing the new album from the crowd pulling group, Bill Vincent. The first line of their music set sparks onto the floor and their rough image didn’t deter eyes seeing the new band take the centre stage.

Sound and lighting where well organised and, The Lexington, brought a jam packed crowd of social party seekers to an excellent floor for dancing and hearing rounds of beer being called up. High spirits gave the night an unpredictability as the glitter ball turned over heads and good music became too loud to speak over.

The bands have had a good reception from audiences and reviews in the national papers. Martin Rossiter, from the Group, Gene, played with, Billy Vincent, on stage at the event last night.

A member of the audience remarked, “It was better than I expected.” The surprise over the enjoyment of the evening was shared by most people in the room. Stacey, a local who works at, The Lexington, said: “It’s a great place, it breaks boundaries and it puts the bands up.” Her happy, bottle smashing persona welcomed even the most unnameable characters to enjoy the venue.

The party went on into the early hours of the morning and members of the bands swaggered about the floor after performances promising more wild entertainment of an ethereal nature. The music that captivated the audience here is sure to catch the ears of many more listeners.  I would recommend seeing their performances at, The Lexington, where the atmosphere was a hidden glen of budding fruit or try to see them anywhere you can.

By Aaron Pemberton, OK Magazine 

Adelphie Hotel’s, rising spirit from a living room titanic. 08/04/12

A man is made to look small standing in the lounge of the Adelphie Hotel, in Liverpool, where the 100th year anniversary after finding the titanic, literally set spirits flying.

   The lounge, built by, White star line, who also featured it to resemble the actual lounges on board the titanic, saw guests seated silently in leather sofas before a massive monument like model of the titanic.

   The guests showed little concern of the waves of unseen abnormal behaviour. Much of it was taking place unnoticed by the naked eye. The first evening of my stay in the hotel was disrupted by strange shadows. I refused to sleep in the bedroom for the impression of nightmares I was already imagining.

   Denise, a guest staying at the hotel, said: “I was touched once it was a very cold shiver and I once heard my name. The other morning a breeze came through the bedroom.” The haunting has caused her no trauma, however, a malevolent spirit can move a man to self destruction if its haunting reoccurs. Aside for being made to feel tiny in the lounge. Liverpool is where I have left feeling larger than when I arrived.

   The thought of spirits sharing the hall with myself and the other guests has said, I really cannot close my eyes. The best defence from being a spooked guest was: to take air, find myself before loosing my way outside, to take air. “People have said, the hotel was haunted before.” Denise, told me sitting in the lounge last night.

   She did not find it disturbing but for a presence to move unwanted over another presence, even momentarily can be a traumatising experience leading to the deterioration of a person’s mental health.

By T. Bollte

The Open Eye Gallery, Moves Clear 04/04/12 
The Open Eye Gallery, in Liverpool opened on the 30th March, with three photographic exhibitions capturing the development of life through easy notable pictures.

   The quality of work is very high and promises to evoke thought where some minds might fear to think, pushing on topics of war, humanity and revolution.

   The Open Eye Gallery, is located on the water front of the, Albert Docks, In Liverpool and provides an excellent location to release and catch sight of the open world, behind buildings and traffic jams. The exhibition is free and it is easy to look around.

   The building was originally located on another site closer to the town centre in, Liverpool. It was established in 1977 and kept a much smaller exhibition space. It was relocated to the Docks in November, last year and is receiving excellent reviews from local papers.

   The design and layout of the wall exhibition , move you away from smoke and pressure stained walls of the work place. Emily Speed, who made the wall left a sky like imprint on edges of the modern gallery.
Pictures inside added to the breeze like atmosphere. The images are well suited to the rooms and can empower a moving sense of change in the viewing. Many pictures are hard truths and some might be perturbing but the staff working are available for questions. The gallery’s exhibition will be running until the 10 June.

Open Eye Gallery
19 Mann Island, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool L3 1BP
Gallery opening times: 10.30am to 5.30pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Closed Monday (except Bank Holidays).

By Aaron Pemberton
Sports Relief does Miles of Good 25/03/12
The Sports relief Mile was a celebration of millions who attended to run in order to raise money for the needy organised by Sainsbury’s.

On Sunday the 25th March, at hundreds of locations, people across Britain gathered in colourful costumes, to run along with brass bands and staged entertainment and support efforts for the handicap.

David Tennent, from Dr Who and Dame Kelly Holmes, Olympic winner, were attendants at the event in London’s, Horse guard square.  The motivated runners were filmed by the BBC and ITV when they were bang positioned at the starting line to run between 1 and 6 miles.

Bammy, a maintenance supervisor from a local hospital said: “I think it was a fantastic event and a great way of raising money for the needy. My wife and my son ran the 4 miles.

The runners were given numbers to fix onto their chests. It was a light hearted competition that awarded participants with a medal at the end. The understated achievement was to fulfil a promise of care for the disabled.

One celebrity was thrown to confess “I’m really looking forward to the Olympics after this.” The positive participation had left London upside down and surprise of its gross attendance here has produced curiosity about the reception awaiting the Olympic games.

Saskia, from London said,: “I’d like to think that people who don’t have, will get from this.”

The sports relief 2012 has accumulated over £52 million with more still to be counted after these races.

David Tennant said: “What a fantastic day. It’s so amazing to see thousands of people out here doing the mile in this gorgeous sunshine. I’ve seen the difference money raised by the public can make and it really is life changing.”

The Mile, provided a national event where people have turned out to perform amazingly for the good of others. I was honoured to be there and feel congratulated with those who took part.

By T. Bollte

Chronicles of Stardome: 2                                                
Radio Spoof, Goldey Horn 14/03/12

Riddle-buk: Time is a mystery, space is mystery but I ask what is a woman? The greater mystery, what is a woman to a man? A face, a hand, the rocks on the land. Tears from the sky, goodbye kisses and hello morning stars who are mysteries. Some mysteries shouldnt happen but they have to and then they dont. This one did.

In a television interview being filmed live on TV. The actress Goldey Horn is seated talking to a famous Televison presenter. [SFX Interview show radio jingle and introduction]

Horn: Im not afraid of being on stage no.
Host: Why do you do it?
Horn: Acting? Well Im actress, that what I do I act.
Host: It must get in the way of  your personal life, dont you get jealous of other people. Dont find yourself being looked at strangely, like some alien object. I mean I feel I know you very well, like a second wife even. My darling can I call you that? But I dont know my own wife that well.

[SFX Laugh]

Horn: I have something, to deal with it I suppose. My husband has to deal with it, my ex-husband has to deal with it. You just deal with it and its dealt with. People and all.
Host: And people?
Horn: Not just my fans.
Host: How?
Horn: The world over, you find heights when you fly, when you climb, when you do anything well enough. Now I just dont climb down and the ground gets used to seeing me like this. My husband, kids and all the people are simply use to seeing me like this.
Host: A star?
Horn: Yes, if thats what you choose, Ill just shine for the world.
Host: What about you?
Horn: Im sorry?
Host: Who shines for you?
Horn: My husband I, suppose.
Host: Thats wonderful, Thank you.
Horn: He loves me, its like a thing we do its beautiful.
Host: Thank you, Goldey, [SFX Jingle to end the radio shows starts to play in the background] well…..
Horn: Im not ready.
Host: Yes, Ive a thing for you too.
Horn: But its real I want to talk about it.
Host: Who needs to talk about a thing like love, now, thanks to all our viewers goodnight

Scene 2

Driving Home [SFX Goldey Horn and her  husband  in a car, the engine running and traffic sounds outside]

Horn: That was a bad interview
Husband: It was instigated to be bad.
Horn: What?
Husband: You dont want me to say it? Im your husband I should tell you, shouldnt I?
Horn: What?
Husband: Yeah, I instigated it, the other guy you use to love.
Horn: Stop the car!
Husband: Goldey, what are you doing?
Horn: You ruined my interview so I couldnt talk about love. Our kids love you. I love you. Ive said this time and time again. You people just stain my heart with your black cold hate. I, I, I dont believe how you could instigate against me, your wife.
Husband: Thats why I did it, Im your husband.
Horn: Is that all you think a husband is, an instigator?
Husband: But youre instigating, and I love you.
Horn: You dont need to do that, you love me another way.
Husband: How?
Horn: Just get out.
Husband: No, lets get some ice cream.
Horn: Just get out.

[SFX - He gets out, the door opens and closes]

Horn: Drive me to the bastard, drive me there now.

[SFX Horn walks out the car and across a driveway and rings a door bell]

Horn: Dont lock me out. Instigator
Instigator: again?
Horn: And I love you.
Instigator: Still, so still.
Horn: And it had to end cause youre just not loving me.
Instigator: Fine, now drop dead.
Horn: Oh my god.

Riddle-buk: It takes more than a chaffeur to drive love but who could ever drive a chauffeur.

Showcase Impulse, at The Mick Jagger Centre 19/03/12

An explosion of young talent was revealed at the Mick Jagger Centre, in Dartford, on Saturday night, at the London Show case.

   The sell-out crowd were entertained by a variety of artists, including a dance group from Pineapple Studios Performing Arts School, that have recently released a fly on the wall documentary for network T.V.

   The organisers, Impulse Entertainment, had brought a mix of artists from different cultures to perform. The aggressive routine delivered by the dancers took a wild direction, which threw many members of the audience back. However, it was not prejudiced for the awesome display of moves and power. It was also enjoyed by many of the younger audience who screamed with excitement.

   Joe, an assistant working at the centre said: “There is usually a lot of good work on exhibition here.” The Mick Jagger Centre, was open in 2000 by Mick Jagger, who studied at Dartford Grammar School. The Hall boasted art work produced by the students for, IB awards. There was a wide range of paintings to view before you went into the auditorium.

   The artists performing inside included Bollywood dancers, folk, rock and gospel groups. Apex Beats, performed amazing harmonies in their chorus singing. The group of four are from Imperial College and are medical students. Another distinguishable performance came from Sarah – Jane O Hara. Who performed subdued rock tracks from her album, ‘Life of a paper crane.’  Her songs brought the room out itself although the performances left us wanting a little more.

   The venue received people well. The seating was comfortable and the staff were ready to help any of the public that needed the bathrooms. Impulse entertainment, have achieved a great night of ethnic celebrations of many types. It was an outstanding occasion and it can be expected we will see more of these kinds of showcases, delivering us such amazing talent.  

By T Bollte - Dartford Times

New Flights, Tiger Lilly & The Promise, at Roof Gardens  04/03/12

The Roof Gardens, in, High street Kensington, were filled on Friday night when artist including, Tiger Lilly, and, The Promise, were performing songs to be released in April.
   The hot spot in the centre of London, familiar to some of the most credited socialites, was a hive of talent scouts and pleasure seekers who arrived for the patio performances delivered by the artists.
   Tiger Lilly, was performing songs from her new Album, Memory Lane, to be released next month including a street beat called, Chocolate smiles, that was an overwhelmingly dance evoking number. Tiger Lilly, left straight after her performance. She was scheduled to film a music video the next day.
   The evening was a jubilee thanks to the spirited display from the artists. Many of the crowd were kept from the barbeque and the cocktail bar by the swinging performance that the artists gave.
   Mike, the lead singer from, The promise, said: This was our first time here. It felt really good. Our band recently changed our name but we are all the same and we now have a manager and expect to release our first LP soon.”

   The evening presented soaring talent that entertained the crowd who attended, to the point of content dancing and comfortable drinking. It was a bright occasion for both the artists, who we are awaiting more from, and the Roof Gardens in High Street Kensington.
By T. Bollte, OK Magazine

Cuts cause, Right to Work, protesters to take steps                                     29/02/2012

The Right to Work, protesters gathered outside, Kingston Council building, on Tuesday 29 of Feb 2012, angry over the job cuts they claim Kingston Borough has not recognised.
   The Mayor, Patrick Codd, misused the terms categorising withdrawals from the council budget and was aggressively objected to in the budget meeting later, within the building the protest was being held outside.
   A member of the, Right to Work, organisation screamed: “Speak it properly; you can’t even do your job!”
   The Mayor, ordered the, Right to Work, group be removed from the room before the meeting commenced again 10 minutes later.
   The Kingston Bourough Council, presented a financial plan to compensate for cash reduction in government finance. The project, called, OneKingston, is the inspiration of the committee to keep Kingston’s taxes from increasing.
   The strategy caused upset due to the sacrifices that the committee have decided to make in order to implement this plan. In the budget meeting many members of the floor starting to project, “Cut losses, save it for the masses!” repeatedly until they too were asked to leave.
   The current government cuts have ended festival attitudes about, Kingston, presenting a storm of uncertainty. The residence of the town may find their job is the only means of security against the financial changes being introduced by the government.
By Aaron Pemberton, Surrey Comet


The Vow, Romance Genre film Review 23/02/12
The Vow, is a movie set in Toronto and Chicago, about a couple who, after keeping boundaries for their love, face the removal of those lines when one is involved in an accident that makes her forget they were ever there.
   Paige Collins, played by, Rachel McAdems,  is the wife who took her vows to marry, Leo Collins, played by, Channing Tatum, who then, due to amnesia caused after a car accident is left spiralling into questions about Leo, her husband, the love they shared and the relationships she has with others around her.
   Her doctor’s concern is shared by the viewer as though we were watching a story pass from the banks of a river. The film is a detached reflection of love and a relationship that is real to hearts of the Leo and Paige. In the flow of the movie it becomes real to the other characters and us as well.
   The ingredients for romance are there, in this movie. The soft language, the pondering soundtrack and the beautiful cast. However, it adds a few secret ingredients you find about real life and not about the perfect white wedding day flick. Leo, has a struggle that not only tests his love but denies him of it. His determination to love, Paige, though she cannot remember him to love him back, wins the respect of a true love story.
    A movie goer, Kanchan Lamb, said: It looks like a good film. I like the actor and I like romantic comedies. It looks like a good story line.” She was expecting to see the film on Monday after watching a trailer. The movie is mostly being promised on the quality of the production which has been noted as high. The film was captivating enough, what is more, Miss Lamb, said: “It’s nice to see something you want in life but you don’t know you’ll ever receive it.”
   The hindrance before sitting down to watch a film of this quality might only be the cost of going to the movies. The average couple in the, UK, could not afford to go to the movies as regularly as they like. However, for any couple trying to choose what film to watch in the movies, this is certainly a must see.
   Anjela Hammand, a Dr, who watched the film, said: “It’s more serious than a normal romance comedy. I saw more romance than in real life. I don’t know people who actually behave like that. It was uplifting.”
   The movie has a fresh sense of an attitude about love. The story dilutes a beautiful formula of sound, sight and drama. You can walk out closer to love than when you walked in.
By T. Bollte

Squint Koros UK Banking Blues News  17/02/12

The Royal Bank of Scotland was criticised on Tuesday this week by directors of, Squint Koros UK, who attended a meeting regarding capitol used to film their biographic fiction, The Supernova Heroes.
   The manager holding the meeting, Carol Westlake, met the directors in an office at Reading where the company’s sovereign foundation was exposed as a body of individuals from different religions and ethnic backgrounds to deliver a sovereign practise.
   Unlike many commercial media giants, the company’s sovereign practise is designed to recognise human expression as a heritage that should not be misused, meaning, they would not influence the immoral deterioration of society with financial merit.
   The objection to the company’s position by the bank was that the board of directors was not distinguished clearly enough. However, the members that had participated that day were clear about their task and duties.
   Mr Pemberton, managing director of Squint Koros UK,  remarked: “I was refused capitol for a sole trader under the grounds the company board of directors was too small as a managing director and a secretary, but the product we have produced is the same and is now being produced under the current larger board of directors in a Limited company.” The company has scrutinised the distribution of loans by the bank. The share value of the company has secured the growth of this development until it can support itself. However, the product that has been presented also qualify for capitol from the bank to go into production for the next year.
   Mrs Westlake, the business account manager, revealed: “The bank, under these kinds of situations, can add capitol of 50% of what you put in yourselves.”
   The foundation of the bank was founded by, King George I, in 1727 by royal charter. It has other subsidiary financial institutions under it, however, the applicability of the capitol for, Squint Koros UK, in other places is the same as it would be here. The directors of the company have shown a dislike about the banks reception for this reason.
   The directors were further offended as the bank manager was on her own and the room was only large enough to seat three of the directors from the company.
   The building on the, Reading, high street was easily found behind red brick walls and staff are smartly dressed in uniforms. It’s been unfound that the establishment has had customer service problems and it is becoming apparent that the issue could be more an ignorance for the sovereign practise of companies like Squint Koros UK.
   The directors have considered a business start-up package which is offered with a business current account at the bank but it has not been decided on.

Role Model player heroes on the Rugby pitch, Kicking Dementia away  07/02/12
Loz Stephens is a coach and forward player in the, Kingston University Rugby team, which has been contested for lack of support and scrutinised with empty canons.
   The rugby society at the university has remained popular by attending players despite the covering slander from other students and staff, who dislike the rugby player’s sweeping presence off the pitch and give no support for them on it.
   Reports of bad behaviour during social events and fighting have caused inquiry about demented behaviour that is unprovoked. However, Mr Stephens has shown an admirable ability to coach good positive aggression facing a wild and rampant pitch.
   Mr Stephens said: “I believe everyone will have a different perception, ultimately I hope people are happy with what I’m doing and perceive me as a good character.”
   It’s disputed that getting up into scrums and tackles is character building. The sport has not lost popularity amongst players on the team despite this dispute. On the contrary, Mr Stephens, has found a diverse range of young adults varying from the small sized to very over weight, playing in tough conditions.
   The difficulty is sometimes higher for, Mr Stephens, handling periods of sever acute confusion where difference between players sparks a demented response. These appear as sudden changes in behaviour and freak violence.
   Mr Stephen, has coached the team seeing celebrity and delinquent students playing on the same pitch. Mr Stephens said: “Obviously you always get the odd person who has completely different core values and feels the need to rebel, but in general most people are open minded and willing to learn from one another which creates a great club and makes the job more than worthwhile.”
   Sue Dickinson, A duty officer at the mental health department in Tulworth, said: “Dementia can be apparent in the early 40’s and must be monitored closely to be medicated correctly.”
   Playing rugby is a good indication of sound reasoning from students wanting to learn how to participate in team sports without practising demented behaviour.
   The Human Condition, written by Hannah Aredt explains, ‘The human condition of action is function, not acting is to cease to be among men.’ Being on a pitch of the sort, Mr Stephens, has played and coached on at Kingston University is more challenging because difference is accepted within the teams. The running standard of their playing has remained high none the less. Where demented conduct has been reported, Mr Stephen, has succeeded to play on the team for 3 years.
   Mr Stephens said: “I feel nothing is impossible within obvious mechanical boundaries.” To stand as men does not require segregation but goodness reasoning can be used to harness. Understanding this Mr Stephens has Kicked Dementia away out of the boundary lines.

Wembley’s Asian Community Packs Aid for India                                        29/012012
    A vibrant crowd of families and people with good intentions, congregated at the, Clay Oven banqueting hall, in Wembley, on Saturday night.
   In bright gowns and cut suits supporters of, The Careduction Trust, turned up and were seated for an evening to build awareness of the project organised by father and son’s, Kushan Sham, Minish Sham and Nitin Sham.
   Natin Sham, the trustee for the event said,: “We expect it to be a good evening. There has been a lot of work gone into it and we want to send the expedition off with as much support as we can give them.”
   The Careducation Trust was founded in 1997 to better the lives of children through education. The charity has helped many schools in places like India and Africa already. It has provided fundraising and shelter for poor institutions taking care of disabled and poverty stricken kids.
   The fundraiser on Saturday was organised to raise support and funding for a project building a school and hostel in the foothills of the Himalayas. The project plans to provide accommodation for up to 350 children in a better environment then where the children are currently being forced to stay.
   Volunteers at Careducation, have designed a trip starting from one building the charity has erected in, India, to another that will soon be completed.  The Trip will start in Navchetan and end in Manali, where a school is being completed in the mountains.
   The expedition will take 12 -14 days using 4 small rickshaw vehicles, and 3 drivers. The vehicles will be donated to the school in Manali at the end of the journey.
   During the evening speakers and artists addressed the few hundred people that attended the banquet. Amongst these were the celebrity radio host, Kajal, and the bass player from The Supernova Heroes, Hav Singh.
   There was also surprisingly good food and performances by young talent that moved the most stiff members of the audience.
   The expedition is going to be filmed and the Careducation team is intending on using the footage to produce a documentary that will be released soon after the expedition. More information about the organisation and the project can be found on http://www.rickshawalas.com/. To support the charity in any way you can find details on http://www.careducation.org/

By T Bollte, Harrow Observer

Cornish Cruising Sails Simple Three to The Great City 04/01/12

After training on the course, we set off on Sunday 1st of January with a crew of 6, on a Bavaria 46, with Cornish Cruising sailing school, to arrive on Sunday at the London Boat Show.

   The school organised two other ships that would sail together with our crew for the great destination of London’s Royal Victoria Dock, where the show was being hosted this year.

   Travelling on an average of 6 knots an hour, we hoped to have reached our destination earlier than Sunday. The delay has been almost entirely due to the passing storm that has raised gale 10 winds in the areas we are sailing.

   Mark, the captain on our ship said: “If you have an inexperienced crew on board its stupid to face these kinds of winds, that’s why we docked.” Our yacht, The Whealgo, has been docked in Darthaven Marina along with the group sailing with us.

   We fell short of, Weymouth, due the growing storm and pulled in on gale force 7 or 8 winds. The swells lifted a body pounding height of 3 or more meters, easily higher than the deck of our yacht. Steering out of the storm required keeping the wheel straight as the hull was being raised and dropped down their slopes.
The crew had taken turns to sail during the storm and we arrived in Dartmouth as gales force 9 and 10 were arriving.

   Nick Jordan, who runs Cornish Cruising with his wife, said: “This is the worst weather we’ve ever had whilst I’ve been organising these trips.” Other vessels caught in the storm have been immobilised and needed helicopter rescue.

   It was expected that we would leave today, in order to arrive at Royal Victoria Dock on Sunday. However, another remerging storm has forced us to remain here another night. On it’s clearing we’ll follow safe route to Royal Victoria Dock.

   The plans for the campaign, Squint Koros Ltd, are promoting, to sail to a secured destination with intention to promote it’s ethos and team spirit, were certainly not dampened by the directorship of this crew of people.

By Aaron Pemberton

Hit Artist, Tiger Lilly, takes back new years MTV vogue

Tiger Lilly performed on NYE for the first time at the Checkmate Bar in the elegant Park International Hotel on South Kensington, this New Years Eve.
   She performed covers like, Alanis Morissette’s, Ironic, boasting her vibrant vocals, lengthy vibrato spells and bubbling the hotel guests along with her audience to dance before the clock struck twelve. Mike Slyfield, a music manager said: It started off a bit slow but filled up nicely. Its about time.

  Tiger Lilly has had four singles reach number 1 on the UK top 40 and is expected to collaborate with artists like Mark Crofts, Katey Haymer and Rosabella Gregory this year.

   Tiger Lilly told me,
Im excited about the new album, that she is releasing soon, The fans have said they cant wait to buy It`.

   The stand alone performance was depictive of the deco art movement, which was first popular in the early 20th century. She wore a dark black dress and her warm sound kept the audience smiling.

   Her début album, Reflections, is available on Amazon . You can find the new single, Letting Go, on I tunes. The new album, Memory Lane is expected to be released in May. You can hear some of Tiger Lilly
s tracks on www.tigerlillymusic.com.

Gym to Celebrity Gem

Tony Ashcroft, has been a gymnast for over 15 years and has become a popular icon among music fans for his breath halting moves executed on stage with live bands.
   Mr Ashcroft has just returned from a tour in South Africa, on a stage that took the squiff out of disco, where he was viewed by thousands adoring his firm physic and toned body.

   Drugs and alcohol have overshadowed, Mr Ashcroft, by the conduct of others in the industry but he can be credited for preaching against it in his every day life, to his pupils at the gymnasium where he works. He has trained with athletes that have taken part in competitions for England, in international games and encourages anyone to get involved in sports.

   Mr Ashcroft said: “It takes sacrifice. Sometimes, in a football team, you have to be more like other players on the team, you say, ‘no,’ cause you’re completely different.”

   Sacrifice, is notably a key to success many sports player refer to. The growing popularity of sports was peaked last year and is thought to be rising. However, Mr Ashcroft’s, celebrity stature has not stemmed from league tables. It is his draconian mentality about gymnastics that has made him a, celebrity gem.

   Mr Ashcroft said: “I’m never not doing Gymnastics it would be like not breathing.” Tony does a number of acrobatic moves on stage and encourages people to dance whilst he is bare chest, rather like a very well paid strip and dale. The message of encouragement he has found to give people, have saved many from loving the bottle before the spirit. “If you don’t try, you’ll never get to know,” Mr Ashcroft, told me. His outlook was indisputable after watching him in action, where I saw him coax many types of people to be aware of their health through motivating dances on the disco stage.

   Mr Ashcroft's positive expression in contemporary dance on stage have won him the respect of millions. Robert, a duty Manager at a sports bar, in Kingston, said: “I hear about sports players on the news and T.V. and decide how much I like them or not.”

   Mr Ashcroft’s, achievement has not been spawned of the hysteria surrounding him, that would make a TV star or tabloid headliner, yet, people have welcomed him into their hearts with just as much admiration.
For sports celebrities like the rugby player, Wayne Rooney, the media has been a catalyst for popularity that is overshadowing his team and adding pressure onto his personal life. Mr Rooney, said: “Being able to share goals is great for the team spirit.”

   Mr Ashcroft, is continuing his practise in gymnastics and fitness and is expected to continue working as a dancer as well. His attitude about sportsmanship is a tribute to British dexterity though he is loved for his work as a gymnast and a dancer by his fans all over the world as well.

By T. Bollte

Squint Koros UK Order & Duck Festive Spirit.                                               12/12/11
Squint Koros UK’s managing director, Aaron Pemberton and Secretary, Sarah Gayle, appeared to host the company Christmas dinner at, Peking Palace, in Reading on Saturday night.
   Deck The Halls, was a festive banquet, arranged for relative parties to know more about the companies existence as, practising sovereign order, over the roaring government system that has torn economic bridges for their funding.
   Banks are indecisive about loans to new companies due to the breech of control that can secure their interests. Mr Pemberton has exposed that selling status, as our company might, is being unconsciously practised, though we might be buying back our misery without respecting the order it comes from. Identifying this has been a major concern for Squint Koros UK when seeking a business loan.
   He also said: “We can pursue life however; this evening is to inform you in correct chase of life we will and have obtained the truth.”
   He was dressed in a grey shirt without a tie and kept a casual attitude when communicating with the guest for that evening. The food was beautifully prepared and three courses were provided by the restaurant. The company is registered in London, however it was agreed that the journey was worth it.
   Sarah Gayle, the company secretary said: “It was a nice restaurant and the food was nice.” She arrived in an elegant brown coat and helped to host the evening in a dark dress that became the only distraction during Mr Pemberton’s speeches. Miss Gayle said: “Its taking a while to get going but I’d like to do more with the company, yes.”
   Squint Koros UK has an agenda they are trying to solidly meet. In the course of events so far Mr Pemberton remarked: “Because of our sovereign foundation it’s like asking monks to race. The directors have won the first lap besides a little shell shock about the system.” The company is safely expected to continue practising under Mr Pemberton as the production of the biographic screen play and other awaited products commence next year.
By T Bollte

Racing sailor rates running on business climate                                                           20/11/11

The seas in Falmouth’s local waters provided, Mr Chris Fallies, the beginnings of his yacht racing experiences.
   His now developed skills push novices out onto the water to become able crewmen in sailing a yacht, even, through conditions as severe as force 9 winds.
   On the Bavaria 38 Cruising with me this weekend were, Mr Fallies and two others, both students. We were a more functional crew than the last I sailed with, However, playing cards and alcohol can leave bags under your eyes when setting out at 8:00am.  
   This was avoided, but for one night of the three we were sailing. The chilly weather suited the circumstances about my work and Zambuka seemed the warmest way for me to break the ice with my shipmates, when the opportunity presented itself.
   The restoration project, Squint Koros UK, is undergoing gets ever more uncertain to succeed. If not for the binge habits of the low, then, due to the business climate that demands celebrity status and entertainment from the stars. Mr Fallies described the excitement of racing to expose the company’s carnal position in a yacht put the odds against the company’s success.
   Mr Fallies, said: “I raced in 1989 during force 8 and water was coming into the cabin.” This implied a group of Koros’s directors sailing across the channel might not even be laughable. “You have nothin to grab hold of in these cruising yachts, in force 5 or 6 you got no rails to grab hold of in a race.” Any company candidates sailing would need greater sea legs then that of the London crew expected to sail impressively for the companies cause.  
   The passengers now seemed the only commodity that would increase the entertainment value, of the restoration project, on the yacht. Among the candidates that are taking part in the project are writers, singers and actors of parts in the biographic screen play.
   More entertainment value has been given to passengers on yachts for racing them, however, the Squint Koros UK, candidates to disembark on the company’s vessel, may find they possess a greater status by running the race for their hearts. Taking part in this carries a greater entertainment for the soul and a novel one for the world watching.   
   On the final part of sitting my competent crew course, the weather was mild unlike the force 5 winds we were sailing last time. (Refer to The sailing, dated earlier in the blog.)
By A. Pemberton


Protests before the Voice of Channel4                                                                 01/11/11
   Canon, Father, Giles Fraser, held the Eucharist service at 12:30 yesterday, in St Pauls Cathedral where protester’s tents where pitched outside the building.
   Anti capitalists posters were like scriptures of graffiti around the church walls and protesters were being herded to remain calm, by the ministers within the church who felt a duty to the people outside being victimised by the exploits of bad government and influences like commercial television seen on channel 4.
   A representative from channel 4, a network station playing commercial music and programmes like Scubs, Skins, and popular feature films, was asked to comment on how the channel treats programmes like botanic documentaries but was unable to reply.
   The, prime time schedule, for many channels like this consist of mostly self obsessed rating rakers. Programmes like, X factor and Sexcetera, have a high number of viewers week after week and the content material is continually being recalled for ratings despite its restrictive commercial influance next to current issues protesters are angry about.
   In 2008 channel 4 released 5 factual programmes concerning environmental issues. In 2009 there were 8 of these types of programme. In 2010 the number dropped to six. This year the number of programmes on this topic scheduled has dropped to 2 with 1 month remaining until we meet January.
   Ken Addai, a biologist studying in London said: “More effort is being made, concerning green issues, by the consumers and viewers. Everyone must be mindful of the environment. I haven’t seen any programmes about this subject here but I believe it would be effective to air them.”

   Complaints from the protesters at St Pauls Cathedral yesterday came with startled responses about the decisions being made to restore the economy. A mix of young students and mature men and women paraded on the steps outside the Cathedral and around tents pitched on the cathedral courts.
   Siggy, a Lithuanian, studying English said: “It’s about better life, we’re all here as one. If we can bring change here we can bring change all over the world. It’s got nothing to do with the church, I don’t want to talk about the church.” He said, vexed from the misuse of power in the government leading to things being the way they are. Siggy, signed onto the gokugrave, hoping Squint Koros UK project solutions can be applied in other places for better, after misuse of the government system's power has caused fear and anger. The blogs designer's order, arrived facing the misuse of holy power, has foundations that are supporting the biographic screenplay production of Boney M and supernova heroes. Their work is expected to bring a balanced sense of entertainment.  

London evening standard, T.Bollte


The Flyers Land in Brixton                                                                                              28/10/11 
   Eric Ha, Dan Akut and I impressed Brixton’s local residents with flyers for the Gokugrave news blog and autograph cards for me to sign and give away.
   Our table, with posters and leaflets, was visited outside the library in Brixton town centre, by the locals who walked past attracted by our display of colours and my alerting bellows which I intended for the whole town to hear.
   The subject of the Gokugrave was picked up by the music minded with tenacity. It was referred to as ‘a celebrative achievement,’ by one man with a briefcase full of litigation papers. His pleased manner stemmed from relief in receiving the flyer, after finding artists being given oppressive judgement over them in courts, which he disapproved of. He himself was working in the music industry.
   The flyer stressed opposing issues, Squint Koros UK’s directors , have faced. These include the prejudice of godliness in the innocent. A boy of 13 signed into the blog there with reassurance he would find a future that would not rob him entirely of his past.
   The released gasp of surprise blew out of the mature men and women in the town. There were moments of building hysteria as it became clear I was the son of Liz Mitchell, the lead singer of Boney M, standing there performing work of a sovereign’s unannounced restoration.
   The mention of T.V. appearances and the scheduled direction for working with Squint Koros Uk was looked past by a few but for most there was an eagerness to believe that they would find in us the strong that would help the weak, as marked on our sovereign motif, handed to many, yesterday afternoon in Brixton.

Aaron Pemberton


The Sailing                                                                                                       22/10/11
The Baveria 36 foot yacht didn’t look like the titanic but myself and three others including the sailing tutor left port at around 4:30pm yesterday from Falmouth marina.
It was fairly high winds and the ship took sail with little help from the motor, pressing out towards the ocean and boasting the stability directors of the publishing company, Squint Koros UK, were considering to carry the objective, restoration project, after the Global Restoration Link, in august.
The course was offered by a company called Cornish Cruising. For £250, pounds I have been travelling on a ship I can easily imagine myself travelling to Jamaica in with members of the company. The ship travelled at around 5 kts to the place where we first set our destination. 5 kts in a vessel like this was like moving in a train with all the windows open.
It wasn’t until the second day that we used both the main sail and the head sail. Like, adding nitro after reaching the red rev bar, our speed increased to about 8 kts and, by natural affiliation, so did the waves. It was a great experience until we found our destination dock had not prepared for us. I refrained from throwing my sovereign card, me and the holy truth, but, altering course for a new destination left me without a sober stomach.
We’ve docked in a nearby Marina, however, we have one more day to go. I’m recovering quickly under the green light of an internet cafe called, Loading, and expect this type of yacht will carry us to carnal safety in our corporate battle. They’ll, man them down, turn it back round, this is top dollar but hell high ground, Squint Koros UK.

By Aaron Pemberton



Dancing flowers on Kingston High Street - Performing artists                                                             
In regal surroundings, Tristan Mackay of The Bedroom Orchestra, has performed over 1000 hours doing covers like Let it shine by take that, in Kingston town centre.
He is joined by other artists, who play at different times throughout the day, creating a museum of open entertainment ranging from Jazz to classical and even holding stages for acrobatics to perform flips.
A permit is required to perform in most public places in the U.K.. Busking on Kingston upon Thames does not require you to have a permit but other restraints can prevent artists from performing here. The performance must not exceed a certain volume and the artist must not cause an obstruction. These constraints however have not stopped performers like Tristan Mackay, who is often performing on street in the Town centre.
With no request of marketing procedures or commercial interest, Mr Macay, who has performed on channel 4’s skins, BBC radio 2’s good morning show and other popular programmes, is being a humble rose. I’ve listened to him perform, ‘Dancing in the moonlight’ outside the Bentall centre when skilful guitar strumming and envied vocals have entertained an audience that do not even stop to listen.
Duncan Brand, a tourist from San Francisco said: “I’d stop at home when the playing is different but here the performing seems homogenous and amplified. I enjoyed different sounds of music as I walked.” On a regular day in the town centre, you could pass up to four or five different artists performing on a 1000 meter stretch of the road.
Val Shelver, who was visiting from Tooting said: “I heard two artists and I liked the classical guitar. I like the artists, I enjoy them.”
High street retail stores are also erect either side of the streets and being a student town there is a busy public traffic, however, the public rarely see light of the artists inspirations in the fast pace of movement about stores and restaurants. Coverage of this subject is coming at a sacrificial cost that is so great some artists are avoiding it. The talent of many of these people are exhibited without cause and handed little concern.

Surrey Comet, By T. Bollte
Tiger Lilly at The roof Gardens                                                                                                  15/10/11
The Pink flamingos stayed up Friday night  on ‘The roof garden's’ opening night in High Street Kensington, where Tiger Lilly was among the acts playing for some of London’s Elite.
   Tiger Lilly’s shocking entrance on the stage was unforgettable by her cheerfulness and welcoming soprano vocal abilities, which had the audiences hands raised and their feet up to enjoy her music.
   Tiger Lilly told me: “I gave a high energy performance. Whenever I can, every gig I like to treat like I’m playing at Wembley Stadium.”
   Tiger Lilly released her debut album, ‘Love and lies,’ in 2009 and will be releasing ‘Memory Lane,’ her second album in 2012. It is hoped, after collaborating with Lady Gaga and Josh Gorban, to produce tracks that may be released on the coming album, she can collaborate with The Supernova Heroes. 
   The publishing company Squint Koros UK, will be holding meetings with the artist to talk about the buying and selling of songs that Tiger Lilly has written.
   “I love calibrating and working with artists,” Tiger Lilly said, sending an almost maternal correction as she leant forward to finish. “I’m always open to making family.” The stars presence was also there at the table in the VIP room when she said it between the celebrations about the new Roof Gardens.  
   You can find more pictures and tracks related to Tiger Lilly on www.tigerlillymusic.co.uk

By T. Bollte


Boney M in for business at The Bulls Head, on the Strand, Chiswick.                                                            
Yesterday at the Bulls Head pub and restaurant, I was invited to talk business with Liz Mitchell, from Boney M and Debra Wotton, an animator at Pinewood Studios.
   Idea’s for new programmes were being aired by the party of people who joined them at the table in the hope to learn more about Liz’s story and how she achieved recognition at the Global restoration link event.
   It was requested that they be allowed to make a sequence of interviews with Liz at places like Pinewood studios, her house in Reading and rural sites such as the Bulls Head. The Global restoration event was aired on network stations last week. The viewers have remarked “Oh wonderful” for its course to find improvement of authorative behaviour.
   At ‘The bulls head,’ our conversation stepped sparks and attracted the attention of other parties dining in the pub. Soon it was apparent to most people Liz was the lead singer from Boney M. A few heads lifted from their beers and some stopped eating for curiosity over how she came to be there.
   The sovereign development, exposed at the Global Restoration link, was a main topic of discussion over pudding and ice cream. After the triumph of co-operative efforts that came together for love of music and the people who have played for us so well, Liz has been asked to give her time for the few documentaries now being planned to produce.
   Representatives from Squint Koros UK, who have settled to produce Liz’s biographic material, have started to prepare footage for a programme that will follow the biographic screen play. Harmonic Resolution, unveiled in august, will be a feature lenth production whilst the documentaries are to be filmed in the near future as a sequel. More details about the programme were not disclosed.
   “How are we doing this? The understanding practised before our actions are pro socialist, with reverence of figures society has subjected to neglect and misrepresentation. I give you the truth and the truth that sets you free.” A representative from Squint Koros said after a whisper of advanced thinking that will be going into the creation of a game to be launched on the company website, next year.   

London Metro newspaper, Bollte


Heritage in charity aiding the lost find Africa 09/10/11
The gathering of church members and artists that accompanied Liz Mitchell, from Boney M, took place at Dove House Studios in Reading yesterday.
   The occasion was in response to Liz’s applied measures to bring awareness about the suffering in Africa through the ‘Let it be’ organisation, that was started in 2008 as a charity designed to bring children from the UK to visit Africa.
Liz said: “We can’t do everything but we can start with something,” during the meeting where she played host for a room of at least 30 people, a few of whom had travelled to the Gambia with the aid of the charity.
   The songs had launched the evening into a memorable string of greetings and conversations. “Shaneeka Foster, began the list of hymns and prayer to follow.  A few of the songs we sang were, ‘Oh ancient of days, my soul magnifies the lord and How great is our God.  Worship leaders from Christian churches were present in the room and provided a promise of audience for Liz and her family.
   Thomas Pemberton, Liz Mitchell’s husband said: “I was grateful to be in a position to take 24 people to see the situation in Gambia. Hopefully next year we can take 50.” The speeches revealed plans to keep the charities reach growing which included individuals from other ethnic backgrounds and nationalities.
   Liz described black heritage to be misunderstood and insisted that her inclination to aid needy African children be allowed. She herself is a Jamaican by birth; however, she has married and given birth to three children in England.
   A member of the ‘Wood world missions church, in Mitchem, who attended yesterday, said: “I went back and I was so proud of my ancestors and where I come from. Coming back home to England now I feel lost”
   Stephen Knight, said: “Thanks so much, more people need to act and not just talk.” He and the guests that filled the studio lobby seemed more enthusiastic about the future than Liz and Thomas. The work that has gone into Liz’s project here is slowly coming to light as she has been working on this for over three years. It is certainly the case that Squint Koros UK along with efforts after the Global restoration event that took place last month are not overshadowing her efforts but certainly aiding them.  

Reading Post, By T. Bollte.