DrealearthG - is a certified award handed to characters protecting human heritage in our work writing before influencial markets.
Aaron Pemberton, founder of DrealearthG, "I can Keep a kingdom without being a King," Aaron Pemberton

The Supernova Heroes, awarded DrealearthG for recognition and work.

DrealearthG has also been awarded to Squint Koros UK company directors:

Denzel Dome, Andy Furlong, Paulette Kerr, 
Ben Tejevo, Gianni Grot, Eric Ha, Sarah Gayle, Dan Akut & Godfrey Wong.    



Aaron Pemberton interviewed by Graham Iddon from Raving wild 02/10/14
Aaron Pemberton interviewed by Rachelle on Revelation TV 24/01/12

Aaron Pemberton & The Supernova Heroes Interview at Music Showcase. 2011
Aaron Pemberton, Pull pull theory interview, after conflict over temporal belief in Caversham Park. 15/04/12
read essay on http://www.tenningtonbollte.com/humanity-essays.html 

DrealearthG Awards [funding has not yet been distributed for this area of productions. We aim to improve the quality of production here as is possible]

Hav Singh, winner of DrealearthG award, interviewed at Hook Centre Studio 15/01/12

Liz Mitchell, Boney M winner of DrealearthG award, interviewed in her home in England

Jin Zhu, receives DrealearthG award 09/12

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